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Natural Oral Care: Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy Teeth

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The health of our teeth and gums is incredibly important for the whole body well-being. It directly affects our digestive system, as the quality of the food that gets in the stomach depends on how well it has been chewed and crushed by our teeth. Well-chewed food is easier to be separated in nutrients and afterwards absorbed, rather than poorly chewed one. Weak teeth and gums health can lead to digestion problems, and therefore it is really important to take good care of your mouth. In order to eliminate or prevent certain dental problems, sea buckthorn oil can be used as it contains certain substances that proved to be beneficial for the teeth.

The benefits of sea buckthorn on our teeth

Our teeth and gums are affected everyday by unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Starting from plaque on the teeth, caused by tobacco and coffee, there are also periodontitis and tartar among dental diseases. Mostly they happen because of lack of certain substances in our bodies. 

  • Omega 3

This essential fatty acid is considered one of the best substances for our body, but not only it heals our insides, it also contributes to the gums health. Omega 3 has an anti-inflammatory effect, which greatly assists in treating periodontitis, since this disease is characterized by severe inflammation.

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  • Vitamin C

Dentin is a tooth tissue and is one of its major components. Same as bones, this tissue contains collagen, which is responsible for strength and solidity of the organs (such as teeth and bones, for example). Vitamin C greatly influences the synthesis of collagen, therefore aiding in strengthening teeth. Adding to this, the vitamin also prevents tooth decay by decreasing bacteria growth.

  • Vitamin A

This vitamin plays a very important role in maintaining dental health. Our teeth enamel contains keratin, and lack of vitamin A leads to keratin storage in cells instead of using it for teeth strengthening.  Also, vitamin A protects mucus membranes (that cover our digestive, respiratory and genital tracts) that cover our gums, making them free from bacteria and microbes.

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  • Vitamin E

While vitamin A serves its function in our body, it still has to be protected from destruction, and here comes vitamin E. It protects not only vitamin A, but also vitamin C and EFAs. And therefore, vitamin E regulates normal functioning of the substances, which provides health to our teeth and gums.

  • Anti-bacterial

It has already been discussed that sea buckthorn oil has an anti-bacterial effect, killing parasites and microbes. Since our mouth is a perfect environment for bacteria development, if proper care and hygiene do not take place, it is a good idea to use sea buckthorn oil to protect teeth and gums from bacteria.


How to use sea buckthorn oil for teeth

The oil may be consumed either internally or externally, but it is recommended to combine both. By taking sea buckthorn oil internally, you will provide your body with nutrients, necessary for curing and treating your body from inside and on the cellular level. However, you can also rub a bit of oil in your gums to eliminate any infection or swelling, or just as a way of disease prevention.