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Oil Pulling with Olive Oil

olive oil pulling


Although the benefits of olive oil pulling haven’t been studied and described much, common healthy results of oil pulling can be applied to this type of oil as well.  Oil puling was mentioned in ancient Ayurveda texts.  This practice has been used for centuries to cure all types of diseases. Oil pulling is safe and cheap natural remedy that treats and prevents diseases and improves your general health.

Olive oil pulling procedure can be simply described as rinsing you mouth with a certain amount of olive oil for about 15-20 minutes. After this the oil should be spit out. As it doesn’t involve the use of any medications, the process is completely harmless. The most common oils that are used for oil pulling are sunflower oil and sesame oil, however you can try any other oil depending on its properties and the desired result.


Why oil pulling works

Bacteria and toxins that are accumulated in our mouths, gum and dental plaque can easily turn up in the blood stream. This leads to diseases not only in the oral cavity, but throughout our body. The intelligence of our body truly has no boundaries – the curing of gum diseases with the help of olive oil pulling stimulates the healing system of our body to cure all other diseases it might have. Oil pulling promotes the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anabolic processes in our body and works as a pain killer.

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Oil pulling method

First thing in the morning after brushing your teeth and washing your mouth take in the mouth one tablespoon of olive oil. Close the mouth and do not swallow. The stomach should be empty. Rinse your mouth thoroughly. Sip and suck the oil with the help of your tongue, exercise your jaw as though you are chewing. Each corner of your oral cavity should be penetrated by the oil. Sit down, close your eyes, and keep your mind concentrated on the oil pulling process.

After 15 or 20 minutes of oil pulling, your mouth will become full with the oil and the oil will get thin and white. Then you can spit the oil and thoroughly wash your mouth and teeth. Drink a couple of glasses of water and after at least one hour you are finally allowed to have your breakfast.


Olive oil pulling benefits

-       Improves eyesight

-       Treats aches and pains after two or three days of using

-        Protects your gums from bleeding

-       Makes your teeth shine

-       Improves overall oral cavity health

-       Removes toxins from your body.


Oil pulling precautions

-       Avoid gargling in the throat, yet if you unwittingly swallowed some oil, there is nothing to worry about. It will be either digested or eliminated by excretion

-       If the color of your spit is not milky white but yellow, it means that either you didn’t pull for long enough or the amount of oil is greater than required

-       Be sure you do not have an allergy reaction to the oil that you use.