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Olive Oil Hair Mask

olive oil hair mask


Olive oil hair mask is a good solution for those who suffer from dry hair that often break and split. Due to its moistening and nourishing properties, olive oil protects weak and damaged hair, makes it strong and healthy.  Genetics, malnutrition, medications, smoking and bad ecology can be the cause of hair loss. Researches show that taking olive oil regularly can solve this problem at least partially and promote hair growth. Still, the amounts of olive oil eaten daily for this purpose should be really significant, so it’s probably better to apply olive oil on hair directly.


Olive oil is a basic ingredient in most natural conditioners and shampoos because of its anti-inflammatory properties and rich variety of vitamins contained in it.  It nourishes and moisturizes the hair and skin thus preventing from dryness, breaking and splitting of hair and stringy ends. You can make a rule to add a couple of teaspoons of olive oil into the shampoo you usually use or try to make an olive oil hair mask at home. The recipe and application are quite easy, however make sure you use extra virgin olive oil as it is the purest and the most beneficial. (By the way, if you have some good quality coconut oil at home – see how you can use your coconut oil for hair)


Olive oil hair mask recipe



-       5 tbsp. olive oil

-       1 tbsp. honey

-       a couple of drops of other essential oils (optional, though for example coconut oil and avocado oil are also great for dry hair treatment)


Step 1

Thoroughly wash your hair with a shampoo. It should be clean and damp for using the mask.


Step 2

Combine the olive oil, honey and essential oils in a small bowl. Stir it constantly until the mixture is smooth and homogenous so it can be easily applied on hair.


Step 3

Massage the olive oil mask until it is distributed on hair evenly and saturated.


Step 4

Cover your hair with a dry towel or put on a shower cap. The heat helps the mask to be absorbed, so the hair will get all its beneficial properties. Leave the olive oil hair mask for about 90 minutes to soak better.


Step 5

Shampoo your hair thoroughly so the mask is completely rinsed out.


It should be added that the use of honey in this recipe is necessary for two reasons:

  1. It makes the mask to be easier to apply as it gets not so runny as though there were only oils. Still do not overdo with the honey as the mask can get too sticky if there is too much honey in it.
  2. The honey enhances the effect of olive oil mask due to its beneficial properties for hair. It hydrates and conditions the hair greatly which makes your home-made olive oil hair mask as good as (or even better than) any commercial product.