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How Your Hair Can Benefit From Coconut Oil

coconut oil for hairMany people want to have silky strong healthy hair. Researches have been carried out to find natural ingredients that strengthen hair, lead to its growth and prevent hair loss. Using coconut oil for hair is a natural way to help hair. Let’s find the answer to the question: “Why is coconut oil good for hair?”

Coconut oil in hair moisturizing

Coconut oil is a perfect moisturizer. The moisturizing effect of coconut oil makes the hair stronger, reducing hair damage.  When you put coconut oil on hair it penetrates thinner parts of hair and lessens the possibilities of hair breakage under adverse circumstances like blow-drying or strong combing.


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Coconut oil for hair conditioning

Coconut oil is rich in proteins that aid to keep hair healthy and to better hair health. Coconut oil protects hair, locks natural hair oils inside when it is applied before your shampoo. When we use coconut oil hair doesn’t lose its natural oils in the process of its shampooing. According to studies carried out by the National Institute of Health coconut oil not only treats hair with its proteins, but it also lessens the quantity of  protein loss in hair. Coconut oil is often added to hair conditioners and hair care masks.

Coconut oil for scalp health

Sebaceous glands of hair make sebum, special oil that protects the scalp. Sebum lessens hair breakage and damage; it works as a waterproof agent. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that help coconut oil acquire the same properties as sebum has. Both sebum and coconut oil promote the scalp health penetrating hair and moisturizing it. Moreover, when we rub into the hair coconut oil hair is protected from bacteria and fungus because medium-chain fatty acids of coconut oil possess antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Coconut oil is effective against parasites as well. It may help maintain the scalp clean and fight bacteria and lice.


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Coconut oil for hair growth

As coconut oil makes our hair strong and our scalp clean and healthy it obviously promotes hair growth. If we use coconut oil hair growth increases noticeably. Coconut oil recovers hair bulbs and can be effective against hair loss. Sometimes it can cause hair growth on those parts of the scalp where it has stopped. Combine it with argan oil for hair growth.

Side effects

However, coconut oil in hair has one disadvantage. It can clog the hair bulbs in case the hair is not washed regularly.  It is very important to apply the right amount of coconut oil on hair. If you use too little oil, hair treatment won’t be beneficial and if you apply too much coconut oil in hair it will look oily. If you have used excessive coconut oil in your hair you may do the following:

  • Use dry shampoo or cornstarch for your hair roots. It will absorb oil.
  • Simply wash your hair with your shampoo.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to shampoo the hair twice. Find out other coconut oil side effects.

And remember to use original virgin coconut oil if you want to achieve these beneficial results.