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Red Palm Oil Benefits: Facts That You Didn’t Know About

red palm oil benefits

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The subject of palm oil and its effect on our health has been a controversial one. However, numerous studies have proven that red palm oil benefits our health and has positive effect on it. An important thing here is not to confuse red palm oil and palm kernel oil, which brings more hazard rather than benefit due to higher concentration of saturated fats. Where does palm oil come from? Red palm oil is derived from the pulp of the oil palm fruit while palm kernel oil is extracted from the kernel of the palm.

The benefits of red palm oil

Due to its nutrition profile, red palm oil has a number of benefits that can help you improve your health and prevent a number of conditions.

  • Vitamin E and its forms

According to Mercola,vitamin E has many properties that positively affect our health. Firstly, it is known as a powerful antioxidant which main activity is fighting free radicals. This prevents cells from destruction and damage as free radicals may cause a number of serious conditions. As well vitamin E improves metabolism and boosts up the immune system. Apart from working on the insight of the body, this vitamin also has a miraculous effect on skin, contributing to cell regeneration, having anti-aging effect and making red palm oil a great choice for skin care. Red palm oil does not only contain vitamin E but also its form, known as tocotrienol which is a powerful antioxidant as well.


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  • Carotenes

Red palm oil got its name because of the rich red color. It is caused by carotenes-substances that can be found in tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables and fruits, and Mayo Clinic gives a detailed insight on this substance. Except for having antioxidant properties as well, carotenes are converted into vitamin A by our bodies, and vitamin A is necessary for our well-being. Among numerous benefits is the fact that it benefits the immune system, being essential for white blood cells that are responsible for fighting infection, and also strengthening such entry points of our body as respiratory and urinary tracts, lining of the eyes. Vitamin A also contributes to the health of our eyes, improving their state and preventing various diseases. Another feature of this vitamin is strengthening bones and teeth by replacing worn out tissue with the new and healthy one.

  • Cholesterol absence and positive effect on cardiac health

Firstly, red palm oil does not contain any cholesterol (read more about why palm oil and corn oil have no cholesterol) and therefore, can be recommended for people with high cholesterol levels. Secondly, its antioxidant properties fight free radicals in the bloodstream which leads to prevention of few heart diseases. As well it has been proven that consumption of red palm oil assists in plaque removal in the arteries, which leads to prevention of strokes and various heart diseases.


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Red palm oil consumption

Due to high concentration of saturated fats, red palm oil may not be suitable for certain people, therefore, it is advised you consult the specialist before starting to intake the oil. Red palm oil uses are numerous. You can use it either in cooking or in a form of supplement but in either way, the doctor’s consultation is compulsory to find out whether it is suitable individually for you.