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Drinking Olive Oil: What Benefits You Can Expect

drinking olive oil

The health benefits of olive oil and especially extra virgin olive oil are widely admitted. Nothing proves for 100% that drinking olive oil is healthier than use of olive oil for a salad dressing or cooking. Regardless of the way of consumption, whether it is drinking olive oil or adding it to your food, at least one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil per day can lead to improvement in your health conditions, states The Olive Oil Times. However, there are situations when drinking olive oil is advantageous and more valuable.

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Throat lubrication before singing

Many singers admit that drinking olive oil or eating olives before a recital help them wet a throat and avoid voice problems.

Drinking olive oil before going to bed

Taking a tbsp. of olive oil before going to bed will help you with snoring. Olive oil lubricates your throat, thus reducing snoring. They say to mix olive oil 1:1 with fresh lemon juice for liver cleansing, although this recipe is contradictive and you should consult a doctor before applying it.

Pregnancy and child birth

Olive oil makes tissues more flexible. Drinking olive oil daily before child’s delivery can help call birth and stretch tissues for easier child birth.

Laxative effect

Olive oil has a slight laxative effect. So drinking olive oil on an empty stomach in the morning can help.

Before a party

Drinking olive oil before alcohol can lessen the effect of the latest according to some researches. You can take a tablespoon of olive oil before a party or mix it 1:1 with lemon juice to reduce harmful influence of alcohol.

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We all understand that for the best health benefits olive oil should be taken regularly on a daily basis. Since the food we eat varies and olive oil is not included in each and every recipe drinking olive oil is a good idea to consume olive oil every day and to make sure that you don’t break down regularity. If you are not a fan of olive oil-based nutrition, drinking olive oil is your way.