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What is Safflower Oil Good for? Amazing Benefits of Safflower Oil

what is safflower oil good for

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What is safflower oil godd for? Safflower oil is light vegetable oil with delicate flavor, derived from safflower seeds. Its texture is light, it is well absorbed and non-greasy. Safflower oil benefits lead to its wide use in cooking as well as in hair and skin care, in the Chinese medicine and even as a supplement for pets. Safflower oil can be high in oleic or on linoleic acids. They are two different oils with different content although both are beneficial for our health. So what are the benfits of safflower oil?

Safflower oil benefits for the heart system

According to SafflowerSeedOil.Org, monounsaturated fatty acids in high oleic safflower oil are considered to be among the healthiest fats, so high oleic safflower oil is called one of the most healthful on the market. The main benefit of safflower oil is that it has been proven to lower the risk of a heart disease and a heart attack by reducing LDL cholesterol. Polyunsaturated fats in linoleic safflower oil are also beneficial for the heart as they are much better than saturated and trans fats.

Omega-6 fatty acids are building blocks for the hormone-like prostaglandins that help control blood pressure and regulate muscle contractions (read also about miraculous sesame oil for blood pressure control). Moreover, omega-6s aid the body in fat burning instead of its storing.  However, all oils should be taken with moderation because the intake of over a third of daily calories from fat will result in overweight, diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

Benefits for brain function

Oleic acid is needed for brain functioning. There is more oleic acid than DHA (omega-3 fatty acid) in the brain. Synapses (carriers of nerve impulses) and myelin (nerve cells constituent) contain oleic acid. High oleic safflower oil may help satisfy the needs of the brain in oleic acid.

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Anti-aging benefit of safflower oil

Safflower oil is a rich source of vitamin E, a strong antioxidant. It helps fight with free radicals and protect the body from harmful UV exposure. Free radicals can cause cells aging and contribute to the higher risk of cancer and heart disease.

Benefits for hair and skin

The topical application of any type of safflower oil is beneficial for hair and skin. The oil soothes, hydrates the skin, thus reducing wrinkles. It helps treat eczema and speeds up healing. Safflower oil is an excellent moisturizer for dry hair and promotes hair growth. Combine it with jojoba oil for hair.

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If you want to answer the question “Is safflower oil good for you?” positively, you should choose safflower oil attentively and use it according to doctors’ recommendations.

How to buy safflower oil? First of all, always buy expeller-pressed oil. Chemically-pressed and chemically-refined oils lose the major part of its nutrients and sometimes they are even harmful. Read the label to find out what type of oil you are buying. High oleic oil is rich in omega-9 fatty acids and has a longer shelf life and higher smoke point. It can be used for frying without any possible damage for our health. Safflower oil rich in polyunsaturated linoleic acid is less stable, so you should be careful not to overheat it. Remember to consume safflower oil in moderation to achieve its benefits instead of overweight.