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Does Castor Oil Work: Get to Know the Truth

does castor oil work

Castor oil is famous for its miraculous benefits for our health. The oil has been used for treating constipation, joints and back pain, for skin and hair care for centuries.  Does castor oil work? Are there any proves that castor oil can help? Maybe, it is only our belief in castor oil power. Let’s get to know.

Castor oil and its composition

Castor oil is extracted from castor beans. Castor beans are toxic but when the oil is extracted it is totally safe for use. Does castor oil work for healing? Its composition can tell us a lot. According to Wikipedia castor oil contains mainly unsaturated fatty acids. The main component of it is ricinoleic acid found only in castor oil. According to the study by C.Vieira this fatty acid is proven to be anti-inflammatory and to possess the analgesic effect. Castor oil is also a source of undecylenic acid. As Wikipedia states the undecylenic acid has an antifungal effect. In a study it has been observed that the undecylenic acid inhibits the morphogenesis of Candida albicans. This fatty acid is extracted from castor oil for use in medications for skin infections, for antidandruff shampoos, cosmetics and antimicrobial powders.


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Castor oil and research

Unfortunately, some benefits of castor oil haven’t been studied scientifically. It is impossible to conduct wide and thorough researches on pregnant women and small children. That’s why we have no scientific proves that castor oil helps induce labor in pregnant women and that the oil is safe for use in small children. Does castor oil work? Many people witness that castor oil helps them in a great number of health problems such as constipation, skin diseases, back pain and so on. Pregnant women write about its effect when the delivery date is overdue.

As far as scientific evidences are concerned the researches conducted to prove castor oil benefits according to Dr.Mercola are as follows:

  1. According to the research conducted in 2010 castor oil may lower constipation.
  2. As a 1999 study states castor oil can increase T-11 cells thus stimulating the lymphatic system.
  3. In 2009 it was proven that castor oil lessens the symptoms of arthritis.
  4. According to a 2000 study the ricinoleic acid of the oil possesses the anti-inflammatory properties exerted capsaicin-like ones.
  5. Castor oil has the suppressive effect on some tumors.
  6. People suffering from eczema and dermatitis positively react to castor oil.


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Castor oil for skin and hair

Besides its healing effect castor oil is applied for skin and hair care. Does castor oil work to take care of your skin? You may hear a lot of stories about this effect of castor oil. The fact that the oil is used to make shampoos, soaps, face washes and other skin care products proves that castor oil can moisturize and nourish the skin, scalp and hair. If you are not sure if castor oil works or not try it!!! The oil is cheap, natural and you will get your own evidence. Consult a doctor before using the oil internally and conduct an allergy test before applying it topically.