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3 Must Uses for Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is sold in health-food stores around the USA. We’ll try to find out how to use coconut oil. We can suggest you many uses for coconut oil. Its place is not only in the kitchen. Coconut oil uses stretch far beyond simple cooking though consumption is the first way how to use coconut oil.



Uses of coconut oil can be found in any type of any cooking. Coconut oil is a good substitute for your usual oil when you make meat, chicken, fish or scrambled eggs because of its high stability and high smoke point. You can add it to your vegetables; try unrefined extra virgin coconut oil that is less processed, healthier and full of coconut flavor and taste. Coconut saturated fatty acids are absorbed quickly. It leads to increase in energy expenditure and, thus, to weight loss.

Coconut oil may be a healthy substitute for butter for those who can’t consume dairy products and those who don’t eat animal fat. (Find out more about Coconut Oil Nutrition Facts). It is solid at low temperatures below 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s easy to say how to use coconut oil in baking. You can simply substitute refined coconut oil for vegetable oil or margarine in muffins and cookies. Don’t be afraid of specific coconut aroma and taste of your dishes if you choose refined oil. It is almost without coconut flavor.

Various raw desserts, shakes, smoothies and sauces are wonderful with coconut oil because of its pleasantly sweet coconut taste and aroma.

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Weight Loss

Those who are trying to loose weight, please read our recommendations on Coconut Oil and Weight Loss here.


External Use

External uses for coconut oil are endless. Coconut oil is one of the best products for our skin. Coconut oil affects elasticity, tone and appearance of our skin in a beneficial way. The saturated fatty acids have antimicrobial and antibacterial effect which helps cure acne and skin problems. You can apply coconut oil without additives directly to your skin or mix it with your daily cream or essential oils. Uses of coconut oil are known in aromatherapy and massage. Moreover, coconut oil is beneficial for hair, so you can apply it to the scalp for nourishing or healing purposes.


Oil pulling

Researches carried out in Ireland show that only coconut oil can stop Streptococcus bacteria growth if it is treated with enzymes. Saliva in our mouth contains enzymes, that’s why when you keep the oil in the mouth it starts interacting with enzymes and acquires such useful properties. Oil pulling is one of the health beneficial uses for coconut oil. You should take 1 tablespoonful of coconut oil in the mouth and move the oil around, especially through your teeth where bacteria hide. It provides much help in your fight against tooth decay.

There are some other coconut oil uses, starting from adding it into coffee to ending with application for dogs. You should try various uses of coconut oil, find those suitable for you and you will understand why people in tropical regions enjoy its benefits for centuries.

Before starting to use coconut oil, learn about possible Coconut Oil Side Effects.