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Ever Wondered What Coconut Oil Brand Is The Best?..

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As I have stated multiple times already – coconut oil, together with olive oil, is extremely popular in our house and we were very happy to make this discovery together with the rest of the world! Below are the coconut oils we trust and use for several years, and they never disappointed.

I am very specific when it comes to packaging of the products, especially if they are the ones I apply on my face or use in food preparation or as a supplement. I prefer natural materials and that is why my coconut oil has to come strictly in glass jars.

So, here they are – my absolute favorites on coconut oil market:

  1. Garden of Life Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  – comes from a brand with a strong commitment to family farming and organic standards. I am sure many of you know, use and trust this brand. Outstanding quality. No need to say more. The only disadvantage is a shipping fee, that is why I usually buy few jars at once (coconut oil does not require fancy storage conditions).
  2. Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Oil Extra Virgin long time ago, when I was buying my first coconut oil in plastic packs from a local health store, I decided to spend few extra dollars on this oil, and let me tell you – I could taste the difference! Oh, this heavenly taste!) I don’t know if it was from plastic packaging of cheaper oil or the quality itself, but the difference impressed me.  Here are a pack of 3 and a pack of 6, so you could save some money.


Shopping for coconut oil, choose the following:

  • certified organic
  • unrefined (raw)
  • cold-pressed
  • for refined coconut oil, choose the one that had been cleaned using a natural, chemical-free refining process and a low-temperature extraction