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Castor Oil for Dogs: Danger or Solution

castor oil for dogs

As castor oil is applied with such a success by humans can we use castor oil for dogs to treat the same health problems such as constipation, hair loss, fungal diseases, etc? Castor oil is extracted from castor oil plant seeds. The oil is known for its healing properties and has been used in folk medicine for centuries. 

Castor oil for dogs’ constipation

People often use castor oil as a laxative as it is natural and has a good effect. Feeding castor oil for dogs may seem good and effective for relief from constipation as well but is it so for dogs? The fact is that castor oil is not recommended for dogs. Their digestive system differs from human one so it is better to find the true reasons of your dog’s constipation than to give it castor oil. It is a good idea to increase the physical activity of your dog or to change something in its nutrition. Castor oil often causes diarrhea in dogs so always consult your vet before. Read also about flaxseed oil for constipation.


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Castor oil for dogs skin care

Castor oil is high in efficient unsaturated fatty acids as Wikipedia states. If you notice that your dog has skin problems a bath with castor oil may help. The reasons of skin discomfort in dogs may be various from allergies, fungal diseases to ticks and environmental agitators such as mold, pollen or dust.  Castor oil may help your dog if it suffers from:

  • Allergy
  • Dry and irritated skin
  • Inflammation
  • Fungal diseases
  • Fleas and ticks

According to Dr.Karen Becker castor oil is a good natural remedy for ticks and fleas removal. To help your dogs with castor oil you may massage the oil into dogs’ coat or add some castor oil to your pet shampoo. You may combine the oil with tea tree oil for fleas removal but remember that tea tree oil is not recommended for all dogs.


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How to bathe dogs with castor oil

Castor oil is very thick oil and it is always recommended to blends it with other oils, for example, olive oil. This makes the oil mixture lighter and easier for application. You may bathe a dog in a bathtub. First of all, wash the dog with warm water and then massage the oil blend onto the dog’s coat. It is not easy to remove castor oil from the coat so you may rub it only into the skin. Rinse the oil after 30 minutes of application. Shampoo the coat if necessary. Repeat the procedure as castor oil needs time to have the result.