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All Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits You Might Be Interested in

Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits

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Sea buckthorn is widely used as a medical and cosmetic product, even though it is relatively new to the Americans, while actively consumed in Russia and China. It is even called a “Siberian pineapple” because of its rich taste and juicy body, and Russian cosmonauts use it as a protection against radiation. According to Sea Buckthorn Insider,  sea buckthorn oil benefits are numerous, and what is more important, the oil from seeds and the oil from the berries differ in their effects, so the plant may be considered as a multi-useful. However, if combined, these oils create a full “package” of health benefits for the body, but it is not recommended to consume the oils for medical reasons without consulting the doctor first.

Sea buckthorn berry oil

  • Skin care

The oil extracted from the berries has a huge amount of nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins that benefit the skin condition and help in its repair and healing processes, as Nature’s Gift states. If applied externally, it has an anti-wrinkle effect, also strengthening and moisturizing the skin. Unlike many other oils, sea buckthorn oil does not make the skin dry or greasy after application. However, it should be applied reasonably, because huge amounts of oil may slightly change the skin tone due to the concentration of carotenoids. People use sea buckthorn oil for rosacea treatment as well.

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  • Wound healing

Sea buckthorn berry oil is not a panacea for open wounds and burns, however, the treatment proceeds faster and more successfully if it is used. Any types of wounds can be treated with it, from small cuts to even radiation burns. The high amount of vitamins and nutrients of the oil provide fast skin growth and repair, therefore speeding up the process of skin surface healing.

  • Omega-7

Sea buckthorn plant is a source of rare essential fatty acid Omega-7, also known as palmitoleic. This acid can also be found in fish oil and few vegetable oils. Omega-7 is beneficial for gastrointestinal problems, building the inner lining of stomach and protecting it. As well Omega-7 assists in skin repair and healing, thus making the berry oil an excellent skin care product.

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Sea buckthorn seed oil

  • EFAs

Sea buckthorn seed oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a ratio almost 1:1, both of which are necessary for the healthy body functioning. Our body needs certain (and not huge!) amount of these essential fatty acids, so the moderate consumption of the oil may keep the EFA level just on the right level. Combine the oil with flaxseed oil. Find out how much flaxseed oil per day we need.

  • Cancer prevention

Certain free radicals in our body boost cancer development by cell destruction. When seed oil is consumed, it eliminates these radicals, thus helping in cancer prevention as well as in prevention of some liver diseases.

  • Effect on cardiovascular system

The oil extracted from seeds has a positive effect on the heart disorders, asthma and blood vessel diseases. It controls and balances blood pressure and assists in reduction of cholesterol level.