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How Much Flaxseed Oil per Day We Need

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Flaxseed oil is a nutritional supplement derived from seeds of the flax plant. As Wikipedia states, it may be consumed to treat a great number of health conditions and diseases, including high cholesterol and heart disease.  According to some researches, flaxseed oil and its omega-3 fatty acid may help lessen inflammation dangerous for blood arteries and joints. Thus, flaxseed oil helps prevent heart disease and arthritis. It may also lower the amount of blood clots and cholesterol levels. Although flaxseed oil is considered well-tolerated and safe taking large doses may increase the risk of side effects. As with any health supplement, consult your doctor before adding flaxseed oil to your diet to determine how much flaxseed oil per day you need. Here you will find the general recommended flaxseed oil dosage and will get to know how to take flaxseed oil.

Recommended dosage

Generally, it is recommended to take 1-2 tablespoon or capsules of flaxseed oil daily. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the exact dose depends on a number of factors, such as age, nutrition and health conditions. As the U.S Food and Drug Administration has no regulations concerning flaxseed oil, little research has been carried out to determine the necessary dosage.

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Maximum flaxseed oil dosage

Although there is no tolerable upper level established for flaxseed oil intake, doses of 30 g and more taken daily may cause side effects, as MedlinePlus notes.


How to take flaxseed oil

Take flaxseed oil every day with food. If you purchase flaxseed oil in gel capsules form, simply take them daily. Consuming flaxseed oil together with meals helps absorption. If you don’t want to feel the oily taste, just add flaxseed oil to soups, salads or smoothies. Never heat flaxseed oil. And always keep it in cool dark places, refrigerators are ideal.

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Interactions with medications

Avoid consuming flaxseed oil of any forms together with other drugs. Flaxseed oil may interact with medications. Flaxseed oil may possess blood pressure-lowering and blood-thinning activity. According to the warnings of University of Maryland Medical Center, taking flaxseed oil together with aspirin, warfarin or ibuprofen may lead to bleeding or bruising, together with blood pressure-lowering drugs may result in blood pressure drop.