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Olive Oil Vs Canola Oil

olive oil vs canola oil


Olive oil and canola oil are presented in the market as healthy oils for consumption.  However, though they have much in common they differ greatly.

Olive oil is made from olives. Collected juices received from olive pressing are called olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil pressing takes place at cold temperatures not to break nutritional properties. Canola oil is produced at high temperatures mechanically. Canola oil is bleached, deodorized and refined. High temperatures of these processes can alter oil composition.


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Smoke point

Wikipedia lists the smoke points of vegetable oils. Olive oil has a low smoke point. It starts burning at a lower temperature and doesn’t suit for frying. Even slight heating may make extra virgin olive oil harmful. Canola oil, for its part, has a high smoke point and is applied for any type of frying.


Good fats

We talk about olive oil vs canola oil when we discuss fat content. It is known that these oils have good unsaturated fats. Fatty acid composition of various oils is presented by Netrition.Com. You will find three times more omega-6 fatty acids in olive oil. And canola oil contains more omega-3 fatty acids. This type of fatty acids is more deficient in the average American diet.  Omega-3 fats are not produced in our body. So canola oil should be added to our nutrition, though there are healthier options too – Flaxseed Oil and Fish Oil.



Cost affects this opposition olive oil vs. canola oil as a lot. It’s cheaper to grow and cultivate canola in comparison to olive. This influences the end price, of course. See our personal choice of olive oil here – Ever Wondered Which Olive Oil Brand Is the Best?..


Flavor and taste

Olive oil has a specific flavor and taste good for salad dressing. Many people like it and many consider it too intensive to add to food. Canola oil has little taste. It is used when we want to achieve no effect on our dishes flavor. It is ideal for baking. Its smooth and light texture makes it excellent for grilling.


The opposition olive oil vs. canola oil is difficult to solve because both have specific characteristics. Use them both in your nutrition; add extra virgin olive oil to salads, fry and bake with canola oil and these two oils’ benefits will have a positive effect on your health.