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Coconut Oil for Face: Enjoy it Tender Care

coconut oil for face

The use of coconut oil for face has antibacterial, moisturizing and anti-aging properties. It is rich in lauric, capric, caprylic fats and vitamin E that help our face skin in multiple ways.

Healing effect

According to Trend Statement, medium-chain fatty acids of coconut oil provide much help in face skin problems treatment. They fight harmful bacteria and heal acne (read more about coconut oil and acne). Coconut oil is absorbed deep into your face skin and starts purging toxins. Moreover, it cleans pores from dirt. The capric acid in coconut oil is believed to fight herpes. Coconut oil possesses cooling properties so it helps lessen face skin rash or inflammation.

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Coconut oil for face moisturizing

Coconut oil is the best natural treatment to beatify your skin, assures Gnet.Org. It doesn’t give only temporary effect, it possesses lasting benefits. After application of coconut oil face skin becomes soft and smooth. Coconut oil is absorbed quickly and easily. It removes the dead cells, penetrates deep and strengthens tissues of inner layer of your face skin. Researches carried out with coconut oil have proved the softening and moisturizing effects of coconut oil on face skin. It can be called one of the best means for dry skin. Find out more about coconut oil for skin.


Coconut oil supplies the body with vitamin E and other antioxidants which fight against free radicals and help prevent aging. Coconut oil is one the basic ingredients in different anti-aging products for face skin care. After the deep penetration of coconut oil face skin becomes more elastic and withstands stress such as winter frosts and dry air, summer sunburns and heat.

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Application of coconut oil

If you want to get the above-mentioned benefits of coconut oil on face skin you may apply coconut oil on face topically or consume it. Cooking with coconut oil and simple adding it to our food will enrich our bodies with antioxidants that slow down aging processes. Read about all ways to introduce coconut oil to your diet.

One of the most beneficial usages of coconut oil for face skin is cleansing with coconut oil. For this you should mix coconut oil 1:1 with castor oil. Boil 4 cups of water in a pot or a bowl; place your clean face over the bowl to heat it up. Massage oils into your face; sit bending over the bowl for another 8 minutes with a towel over your head. Take a wash cloth to clean your face.

Another way to put coconut oil on face is to make a coconut oil mask. You should apply coconut oil after face cleansing for 15-20 minutes. Your skin will easily absorb fatty acids from coconut oil that helps maintain hydration in your face skin. Also try a coconut oil moisturizer.

Any way of application of coconut oil for your face will change your face skin complexion and texture positively. Note that you should apply organic unrefined coconut oil which is much better for your face skin compared to refined oil.