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Is Olive Oil Bad for You?

is olive oil bad for you


At least once everybody’s heard of the amazing olive oil health benefits. We know that olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It can aid with your heart problems, lower bad cholesterol and even control diabetes. But have you ever asked: “Is olive oil bad for you?”.   The fact is that when used in an improper way olive oil may increase cancer risk and cause overweight. Let’s try to find out if olive oil is bad for you and look for the disadvantages of olive oil that make habitually beneficial oil harmful and damaging.    


Olive Oil Interacts with Free Radicals

Olive oil easily reacts with free radicals and chemical substances that results in hydrogenated oil formation or even trans fats can be produced during the chemical reaction. That’s why the answer to the question: “Is olive oil bad for you?” may be positive. In this case it’s better to change the question a little and ask: “Is olive oil bad for you when heated?”  Heat speeds up chemical reactions. Heated olive oil becomes dangerous, that’s why they say not to heat olive oil and not to use it for frying. Moreover, extra-virgin olive oil is so sensitive to heat that you should avoid any kind of heating it (stir-frying, sautéing or others). It’s preferable to consume olive oil in raw form to achieve all health benefits of it and not to risk your health. And when you cook, substitute palm oil or coconut oil with stable fat structures and high smoke point for olive oil.


Unbalanced Nutrition

One more danger of olive oil is connected with excessive consumption of olive oil and nutritional imbalance as a result. Consuming too much olive oil may lead to dietary imbalance. People’s alimentary system digests fat slower than other food. That’s why fatty food is so nourishing. And when we eat a lot of oil we consume less meat, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. And this can result in imbalance of nutrients in our bodies.


Immoderate Fat Consumption

Excessive intake of fat may raise the risk of heart attack. If you get over 35 percent of total calories with fatty food you are under the threat of heart problems. Although olive oil is better than butter, lard or any other animal fat, excessive amount of any fat may do you harm. So don’t add olive oil to animal-based fats, use olive oil instead of them.


Olive Oil Helps Gain Weight

One more case the answer to the question: “Is olive oil bad for you?” may be YES is when you try to lose weight and eat a lot of vegetables with olive oil. Olive oil is fat, indeed. And it has a lot of calories, 9.4 calories per gram or 120 per tablespoon. So when you eat a lot of oil your weight will rise. One tablespoonful for you will be enough. In case you eat more oil remember to do physical exercises to burn excessive fat.

If you follow the above-mentioned suggestions and eat just one tbsp of unheated extra virgin olive oil per day you will always answer the question: “Is olive oil bad for you?” that olive oil is helpful and does you only good.