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Castor Oil for Face: How to Feel its Benefits

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Castor oil is taken from the castor oil plant, called also Ricinus communis. It is usually used as a laxative but cosmetologists recommend castor oil for face care. The oil is rich in the ricinoleic acid which is according to Wikipedia a strong anti-inflammatory agent.

Moisturizing effect

Castor oil is a good moisturizer as the ricinoleic acid penetrates the skin and hydrates all layers of the skin cells. It prevents the loss of moisture and the face skin doesn’t suffer from severe weather conditions like wind or frost. According to the studies carried out in Palomar Community College castor oil may help to treat dermatitis which causes dry and rough skin on your face. Use castor oil for face on a night basis. Add it to your daily night cream or use it instead of it. 3 times a week will be enough for the face moisturizing. Read also about an olive oil moisturizer.


North Carolina State University states that castor oil applied on face is detoxifying. It can be used for acne treatment (find out about castor oil for acne) and for the skin disinfection. Castor oil for face can kill bacteria and fungi so it is useful for curing skin diseases. These properties of castor oil for face are explained by the presence of the ricinoleic and undecylenic acids as Organic Facts  reports. The undecylenic acid has the antibacterial, germicidal and antifungal effect.


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When you put castor oil on face and rub it for several minutes the oil cleanses the skin. It removes the dead cells and the excess sebum that clogs the pores and lead to inflammation. Castor oil may even pull out impurities from the pores and contribute to your face skin renovation. For this, massage the oil in circular movements into the face skin and then remove it with warm water.


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How to apply castor oil on face

There are various ways of castor oil application for face care. Before the oil use make sure that you are not sensitive to castor oil and that you have the right oil. Castor oil for face care should be cold-pressed and it is recommended to find organic and pure castor oil. Attention! You may find industrial castor oil. It is not suitable for skin care. You may buy the right cold-pressed castor oil in drug stores, health food stores or online at amazon.com, for example.

When you have the right oil and know that you are not allergic it is right time to apply it on your face. You may:

It is a good idea to mix castor oil with other oils effective for skin care. You may choose jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil for blending. Essential oils are also wonderful for adding to castor oil. Add a few drops of rosemary or lavender oils to castor oil before application. Rosemary oil will moisturize and disinfect the skin. Lavender oil can calm the face skin and is effective to treat acne.