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How to Use Rosehip Seed Oil: a Guidance to Health

how to use rosehip seed oil

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Let’d find out to how to use rosehip seed oil. The oil can be used in both medical and cosmetic purposes. In order to get maximum effect, carefully choose high-quality cold-pressed oil and always consult a specialist before starting any treatment.

Skin care

Either you want to treat your body with natural moisturizer or you have a skin condition that you wish to efficiently improve or eliminate, rosehip seed oil is a good choice for both as Wikipedia states. Read more about benefits of rosehip seed oil for skin.

  • Moisturizer

Firstly it is advised to cleanse your face and dry it with a towel. Afterwards, you can apply undiluted oil twice a day as a daily moisturizer. As well rose hip oil can be used as a moisturizer not only for your face, but the whole body. Such treatment will keep your skin hydrated and elastic, and also eliminate wrinkles, scars and spots.

  • Burns and scars

To use rose hip seed oil on burns and scars simply rub it into the damaged skin areas. The amount of oil to use and the frequency of the procedure depend on the size of scar or burn and the degree of its severity. Rosehip seed oil acne treatment method can also help eliminat acne scars.

  • Other cosmetic treatment

For other cosmetic purposes like wrinkles elimination, smoothing and toning the skin you can either apply undiluted oil directly on the skin or mix it with some other oils for the better effect. Try castor oil for wrinkles.


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Hair care

It is recommended to use rose hip seed oil on hair as before-washing product by direct application. This procedure will:

  • Keep the scull skin healthy

Since rosehip oil is a perfect product for skin, it works in the same way on your scull skin, as well assisting in elimination of any bacteria or parasites present due to its antiseptic properties. If to speak about the effect of this oil on hair, it hydrates it and gives it shiny healthy look, also helping in improving the condition of damaged and brittle ends.


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Nail care

Concerning the use of rose hip seed oil on your nails, same rule apply: direct application of undiluted oil. You can rub the oil into the skin around your nails and the cuticles, which will help your nails grow stronger and healthier. Rose hip oil speeds up blood circulation in our body, which results in more active formation of keratin which  makes the composition of our nails. Sometimes the oil is used together with jojoba oil for nails care.