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Neem Oil Uses: Improve Your Life with Neem Oil

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Neem oil, been known to Indians for centuries as a “village pharmacy”, can be used for a variety of things, including medical, cosmetic and household purposes. This article will give you a brief overview of neem oil uses and the roles it may play in our everyday lives.

Medical usage

  • Skin care and treatment

Neem oil has such features as anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. Altogether, this makes neem oil a great product to use in case of acne, eczema, dehydrated skin and psoriasis. This oil eliminates itching and redness, also reducing swelling and lightening the skin (scars for example). If the skin disease involves any parasites or infection, the antibacterial and antifungal neem oil features will be of great assistance. Read more about uses of neem oil for skin care.

  • Dental treatment

In case of tartar, bacteria and plaques, neem gel shows outstanding performance in eliminating these illnesses and strengthening teeth and gums. Since it has antibacterial effect, neem is a product to consider when speaking about dental health. The elimination of bacteria greatly assists in preventing some serious diseases.


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Cosmetic use

  • Neem oil for hair

What neem oil is used for includes hair care. Even though neem oil does not affect hair directly, it keeps the scull skin healthy, which is of great importance for the healthy hair. It assists in eliminating parasites (hair lice for example) and also hydrates the skin, which contributes to hair strength and health.

  • Nail care

Since our nails can basically be called the extension of our skin, neem oil can be used for its treatment, since it is a great skin care product. Neem oil is most effective on our nails when speaking about nail fungus (we can refer to its antibacterial feature again), nevertheless, the oil also helps against peeling and splintering.


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Neem oil benefits for dogs

Dog owners know that it can be real trouble at times getting rid of fleas and parasites. The usage of neem oil for dogs provides shiny coat, healthy skin free of any parasites and also strengthens the immune and digestive systems. If you wonder how to use neem oil to benefit your dog’s health, it is recommended to wash your dog with neem oil shampoo, which can be easily made by adding a small amount of neem oil in a regular dog shampoo. As well you can give your dog neem leaf as an occasional supplement. Combine neem oil with krill oil for dogs.

Neem oil as an insecticide

If you are looking for something, that will get your garden rid of non-beneficial insects for guarantee, neem oil is the right choice. Make a neem oil spray. Some people claim they do not see the result, as it does not work in an “immediate poison manner”. Neem oil affects the insects from inside the plant, as, poured in the ground, the plants absorb it. When consumed by the insects, neem seed oil basically affects their instincts, making them “forget” to breed, eat, etc. In this way, the natural chain is broken and it can be guaranteed your plants will be safe from insects.