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Neem Oil Spray: Convenient and Efficient

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One of the most convenient and best ways to use neem oil is neem oil spray. You can use it either for gardening purposes or as a repellent against insects. It can be used for your protection against biting insects and you can use it for your dog to keep the parasites away. From this article you will learn how to make and use neem spray oil.

 Gardening purposes

Neem oil is a perfect insecticide that will keep your plants safe from non-beneficial insects. Since it works from inside the plant, it can be poured in the ground with the following absorption by the plant, but it is easier to simply spray your garden. Neem does not affect beneficial insects and is not harmful to people so it is an additional bonus why you should choose it as your insecticide.


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Either you want to use it for yourself (in case of mosquitos or bed bugs) or you want to treat your dog to prevent the attack of mites or fleas, neem spray is a perfect solution. Plus neem oil is extremely beneficial for the skin so it combines few beneficial features in one product. Read how to use neem oil for bed bugs elimination.


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How to make neem oil spray

  • Making neem oil insecticide

For insecticide spray you will need 5ml of neem oil, 1-2ml of some detergent (preferably insecticidal soap) and 1l liter of warm water. First mix water with detergent and only afterwards slowly pour the oil, stirring constantly. Once the ingredients are mixed well, put them in the spray container and remember to shake before spraying. As well it is recommended to use the mixture within eight hours after preparation. If you need another proportions or measurements, check Discover Neem for additional information on the making process.

  • Making neem oil spray for personal treatment

The procedure and ingredients are the same, except you should use mild liquid soap instead of insecticidal one. A 1% solution is good enough for a repellent so the amount of neem you will need is real small. It is recommended to use the spray immediately after preparation, the maximum duration of storage is also eight hours.