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Is Palm Oil Gluten Free? All Facts for Healthy Eating

is palm oil gluten free

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It is important to know: “Is palm oil gluten free?” as people on gluten-free diet will agree that nothing can be worse than thoroughly choosing which product would be suitable for their diet. Nowadays the range of products without gluten has significantly expanded and therefore, there is much more choice on how to make your life more enjoyable and tasty!

Gluten and gluten intolerance: what is it?

According to Wikipedia, gluten is a protein that is found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. It makes dough elastic, helps to keep its shape and at times makes the product chewy. Therefore, gluten is most frequently met in bread products as well as in flour. The products in the risk group include:


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Today quite a big amount of people suffer from celiac disease which is actually more of an allergy (find out more about tricky sunflower allergy) and is explained in detail by Doctor Oz. It is a gluten intolerance which may lead to the damage of small intestine in case of gluten consumption. Patients have to avoid gluten for the rest of their lives and therefore, special diet has to be followed.



Palm oil and gluten

There are strict restrictions to gluten-free diet and therefore, it is important to find products that would compensate and bring taste and diversity in your meals. And here comes palm oil, being a great option for those who wish to combine taste with valuable nutrients. So the answer to the question is: yes, palm oil is gluten free and is absolutely suitable for consumption. Except for its unique and distinguished taste, this oil is a rich source of carotenes, essential fatty acids and numerous vitamins (like vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant) that our body needs, especially when on a diet. Red palm oil can be used for cooking (mostly frying), as a salad dressing or it can be added in pastries and desserts. There are also numerous beauty uses of palm oil.