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Red Palm Oil for Parrots – a Healthy and Tasty Treat!

red palm oil for parrots

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Today the market is full with various supplements, treats and products that aim at improving health and giving your pet a good look. red palm oil for parrots can replace all these products as it is packed with vitamins and essential nutrients. If you are a parrot owner, then red palm oil would be your choice!

The benefits of red palm oil for parrots

Red palm oil is a valuable source of many essential nutrients that improve the bird’s health state and can assist in treating certain conditions. However, there are discussions on whether palm oil is so necessary in the parrot’s diet or there are substitutes for it.

  • Carotenes and vitamin A

For parrots it is essential to consume vitamin A, as its deficiency may lead to a variety of problems. In addition, a parrot needs a much higher amount of vitamin A than human. However, it is not possible to simply give your bird all the required amount of the vitamin as it cannot be easily excreted from the body. The solution is carotene, a substance, which is converted by our body into vitamin A in necessary amount. If there is still some carotene left in the system, it can be easily excreted, therefore, there is no danger of overdose. Since red palm oil is rich in carotenes, it can serve as a great source of it and in addition, parrots like it because of the taste. However some parrot owners consider palm oil not to be the best choice because of the risk of cardiac diseases and increase of LDL cholesterol. They recommend going with safer substitutes like carrots, mangoes and peppers which are also rich in carotenes.WebMD gives a list of vitamins that are beneficial for skin and it includes both vitamins A and E that are present in red palm oil.


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  • Skin diseases and dryness

Another benefit of red palm oil is its moisturizing feature and ability to eliminate parasites and bacteria. This oil is rich in saturated and unsaturated fats and therefore, is able to moisturize and nourish the skin with essential substances. After consuming palm oil, parrots tend to get healthier and shiny feather, less dry and itchy skin and smoother beaks.


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Palm oil and its effect on plucking

One of the questions about palm oil is whether it positively affects plucking parrots. Many owners have claimed that after palm oil intake the parrot reduced plucking and its condition improved. However, it has been argued by the statement that improvement was mostly due to the change of surroundings, proper diet and training. Therefore, it is only your choice whether to treat your parrot with palm oil or first try more reliable products like carrots and mangoes.