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Krill Oil for Kids

krill oil for kids

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Krill oil for kids is also recommended by doctors. Not only adults lack omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming omega-3 supplements, especially krill oil, is beneficial for kids. According to the researches carried out in Purdue University in 1996, 6-12 year-old children with learning, health and even behavior problems were deficient in omega-3 essential fatty acids and phospholipids. Infants who lack omega-3 fats in the placenta become at risk for progressing nerve and vision problems, as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition . Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency may induce memory problems and easy mood changes.

Benefits of krill oil for kids

Omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil include DHA and EPA. DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, helps maintain children’s overall health by:

  • contributing to neuron health and healthy brain development
  • increasing the ability to focus and concentrate, supporting memory
  • promoting coordination and functioning of muscles
  • supporting appropriate behavior
  • maintaining healthy development of  visual system
  • reducing inflammation and regulating inflammatory levels
  • controlling levels of blood lipids

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Krill oil vs. fish oil

Krill oil if compared to fish oil is advantageous because of its better and faster absorption and resistance to oxidation. It doesn’t give any fishy aftertaste. And what is especially important krill oil is free from heavy metals and mercury contamination, which covers most fish from the seas and lakes. 

Krill oil for kids is sold in tiny kid-sized gel capsules, which are easy to swallow. In February 2013 Azantis, a krill oil manufacturer started production of liquid krill oil for children with a sweet orange taste. It can be mixed with juice, yogurt or water.

Choline and astaxanthin

Krill oil is beneficial for kids not only due to omega-3 fatty acids but also because of choline and astaxanthin in its content. Read more about krill oil nutrition facts. Choline makes acetylcholine that transmits electrical signals from nerves. Choline is necessary for cell membranes, memory and muscle control.

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant, 300 times more potent compared to vitamins A and E and 47 times more potent in comparison with lutein.

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Krill oil and ADHD

Krill oil can help alleviate ADHD symptoms in children for two main reasons. The first one is because krill oil is a source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, namely docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. Studies have been carried out to determine DHA and EPA benefits for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. DHA makes up 80% of the cerebral cortex responsible for impulse control and concentration of attention. Thus, it is crucially important for brain development. The second reason is krill oil’s chemical structure. According to the report in Nutrition Reviews published in February 2007 krill omega-3 fatty acids come in the form of phospholipids and fish oil omega-3 fats are triglycerides. Our bodies use phospholipids; this makes krill oil fatty acids more easily absorbed and more beneficial for brain development. Moreover, krill oil contains such natural antioxidants as astaxanthin, canthaxanthin and vitamin E. Krill oil is also a source of phosphatidylcholine and contains vitamin D, which are necessary for the brain and alleviating ADHD. Find out about researches on fish oil and ADHD.

However, the effect of krill oil on ADHD is not studied thoroughly, more researches are needed, and it’s important that you consult the doctor prior to possible krill oil supplementation.