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Castor Oil Face Wash: 3 Top Effective Recipes

castor oil face wash

A lot of people have evaluated a castor oil face wash for natural cleansing of the skin. Castor oil is a wonderful skin and hair care product. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids according to Wikipedia. The oil has a moisturizing, nourishing, healing and cleansing effect. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil is considered anti-inflammatory as Wikipedia states. Try it and you will forget of commercial face washes.

Oil cleansing method

The oil cleansing method is a way to clean skin pores, to remove dead cells and debris causing blackheads and inflammation. The face cleansing is done in the evening. The morning is not a good time for it as your skin should have a rest after the procedure. The task of the method is to clean your skin deeply and at the same time to balance oil production in the skin. It is important not to overcleanse our skin so it is not recommended to conduct oil cleansing every day.


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Step 1 To start with, you will need a castor oil face wash, water and a soft cloth. The castor oil face wash recipes are below. First of all, take some oil in your palms and warm it up rubbing hands together. Then put the oil onto the face.

Step 2 Massage the oil over the face in a circular way. Make firm and slow movements. You don’t need to wash the face prior because the oil will remove dirt, makeup, mascara and impurities. Relax your face muscles. The massage will take you some time as the oil is dissolving the impurities

Step 3 When you believe that the oil has saturated the pores take a cloth and soak it in the warm water. Cold water won’t take away all the oil as it cannot open the pores. Wipe your skin gently removing the oil. Rinse the cloth in the warm water again and wipe the skin again. Repeat several times. Avoid scrubbing. The oil will be removed easily with the dead skin cells, bacteria, blackheads and so on.

Step 4 If you feel that your skin is tight take a small amount of the castor oil face wash, just a few drops, and apply it on the skin.

You may also apply jojoba oil for oil cleansing.


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Castor oil face wash recipes

Recipe 1

This recipe is intended for people with dry skin. Castor oil has a strong drying and cleansing effect. If your skin is already dry it is a good idea to mix castor oil with another oil with the proportion of 1:9. So to make your personal face wash mix 10% of castor oil with 90% of sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is good for dry skin.

Recipe 2

In case you have an oily skin you will need:

  • 30% of castor oil and
  • 70% sunflower oil.

Mix the oils and use the oil cleansing method described above. You may try extra virgin olive oil instead of sunflower oil. Read more about the benefits of olive oil for face.

Recipe 3

You probably understand that the oilier the skin is the more castor oil is necessary for a face wash. If your skin is balanced the ratio of 20% of castor oil and 80% of sunflower oil will be excellent.

The advantage this recipe is that you may make your own blend according to the type of your skin. If you feel tight and dry after its application add more sunflower oil. In case your skin is oily take more percentage of castor oil. Experiment and enjoy your personal natural castor oil face wash.

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    I have used a combination of Castor oil for cleansing and it is fantastic!