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Black Walnut Oil for Parasites and Ringworm: Will it Help?

Walnut Oil for Parasites

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The use of black walnut oil for parasites expel is sometimes recommended. The oil is also believed to be healing. People use black walnut oil for ringworm. How will it help? Black walnut oil is derived from nuts of the Black walnut tree, or Juglans nigra. Black walnuts are similar to the English walnuts. Their nutrition profiles are alike. However, the flavor of black walnuts is 5 times stronger as they contain more beta-carotene, vitamin C and tannins.

Benefits of black walnuts

Black walnuts are known for its medical use. Their hulls and extract are applied to treat

  • fungal,
  • bacterial and
  • parasitic infections.

The thing is that the hulls and green husk of black walnuts contain a lot of tannins: juglone, juglandine and juglandic acid. It has iodine and quinone compounds. Due to the tannins’ presence and properties well described in Wikipedia black walnuts are considered beneficial for treating skin infections (eczema and psoriasis). The topical application of black walnut paste or  extract treats ringworm. As Wikipedia states ringworm is a fungal infection and tannins of black walnuts kill the infection.  Black walnut extract is used to kill skin parasites when used topically and can kill worms and parasites from the body and the intestinal tract if taken internally. Black walnuts for parasites expel have been used in many cultures for centuries. Juglone and iodine are antiseptics. The extract is used to heal wounds and cuts.  Powder black walnut is applied to brush teeth.


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Black walnut oil composition

Black walnut oil has a bit different composition than black walnuts. The amount of tannins and vitamins in it is lower. It is rich in polyunsaturated omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated omega-9 fats. It is high in vitamin E. Unsaturated fatty acids make black walnut oil beneficial for consumption to prevent the heart disease and heart attack. Vitamin E protects from free radicals and may help prevent cancer. Read more what is walnut oil.

Black walnut oil for parasites expel

Black walnut oil is recommended by some health practitioners to eliminate parasites. However, it is black walnut extract and hull that are more often used to kill parasites. In fact, clinical trials haven’t been carried out to check the effectiveness of black walnut oil for parasites elimination so it is still unclear if the oil can help. As a matter of fact, tannins of black walnuts are toxic, so extreme care should be taken if you decide to use them.


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Black walnut oil for ringworm

The use of black walnut oil as ringworm treatment is also controversial. You may apply the oil on the ill areas. But it is advised to combine black walnut oil with tea tree oil proven to be effective against ringworm or with black walnut hull for better results. Tea tree oil for ringworm is one of the best natural remedies.


Before using black walnut oil take an allergy test to check your body reaction on this oil. If you decide to apply black walnut hull, green husk or  extract check for their contraindications. Black walnuts are not recommended for lactating and pregnant women.