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Neem Oil for Skin: Secret to Beautiful Skin

neem oil for skin

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Even though neem oil for skin is not so widely spread and famous as shea butter or coconut oil, it occupies the leading positions among skin care products. Why? Neem oil is a wonderful product to use either for treating various skin problems or just to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

How does it work?

When skin diseases strike, the most common symptoms are inflammation, swelling and itching. This unpleasant condition may be hard to cure and special substances are required by our body, such as vitamins and EFAs. Good news is, neem oil is rich in many substances that our body needs in order to be healthy as well as it has a number of features necessary to keep our skin hydrated and strong as Wikipedia states.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be found in a number of vegetable oils and seeds and is highly recommended to be consumed as a supplement. This vitamin is extremely beneficial for the skin, as it hydrates, smoothers and even helps to get rid of brown spots. Firstly, it increases the production of collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and thus decreases the amount of wrinkles on the skin. Secondly, this vitamin assists in cell regeneration and growth, which also has anti-aging effect, as healthy elastic skin looks younger. These features of Vitamin E also affect scars on the skin, by evening and smothering them.

  • EFAs

Essential fatty acids are compulsory for our body as they perform many important functions. They hydrate the skin and regulate water loss, thus keeping the skin elastic and strong. Proper skin hydration is one of the keys to the cure of many skin diseases. Our natural barrier (epidermis) is responsible for regulating water balance and waste (toxins, etc.) loss, so the healthier and more hydrated it is, the healthier our body will be from the inside.


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Neem oil benefits for skin

Along with having an impressive composition, neem oil also possesses a number of benefits that positively affect our skin.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Neem oil has a calming and smoothing effect on the skin, reducing irritation, itching and swelling. This feature is irreplaceable when talking about skin diseases that come along with severe inflammation (acne, eczema). If you use neem oil for skin problems mix neem oil with castor oil for acne treatment.

  • Antibacterial

By eliminating micro parasites, neem oil assists in skin healing as some diseases may be caused by various bacteria, like scabies. This feature, together with neem being anti-septic makes a great combination and turns neem oil in a perfect natural medicine. Read also about other neem oil benefits.


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Using neem oil for skin

The best way to use neem oil for your skin is applying it externally on the infected areas (in case you are using it with a medical purpose). If you just want to keep your skin healthy, you can choose neem oil soap or cream, as pure neem oil is quite toxic and is not recommended to be applied in an undiluted form. Add some neem oil to safflower oil for skin care.