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Neem Oil Benefits: Take the Best from the Oil

neem oil benefits

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Neem oil benefits make the oil a wonderful natural product for everyday use. The oil helps in disease treatment, can be used as cosmetic product, eliminates unwanted insects in your garden and even serves as a care product for the dogs. Let us take a closer look at the benefits neem oil offers.

Neem oil care products

To take proper care of your body, you can choose from a variety of neem oil products due to its beneficial features:

  • Skin care

Neem combines few wonderful features that do magic with your skin. Firstly, it’s a good moisturizer, which does not block the skin pores. Due to the present EFAs and Vitamin E, neem oil is able to even and smooth the skin, eliminate wrinkles and brown spots, making your skin elastic and strong. Because of neem antifungal and anti-inflammatory features, this oil is widely used against a number of skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis, effectively reducing itching, swelling and inflammation (read more about benefits of neem oil for skin).

  • Hair care

Since neem positively affects our skin, same result will be observed with your skull skin. Neem oil frees it from any parasites (such as hair lice), moisturizes and creates a healthy environment for the hair growth. As well neem oil helps in hair loss prevention and premature graying. Combine it with fish oil for hair care.

  • Dental care

Because neem has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be effective against some dental problems that involve bacteria. Neem oil keeps your gums healthy, freshens breath and prevents cavities, also improving the overall state of your teeth and gums in general.


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Neem oil for dogs

Since neem oil does wonders with human skin, it also shows impressive results when applied as a dog shampoo. You can easily make a neem oil shampoo for your dog by simply adding few drops of neem oil in a regular dog shampoo. Such treatment will result in shiny coat and healthy and parasite-free skin. As well it is advised to use neem leaf in small amounts as a supplement for your dog, which will keep its teeth strong and also improve the immune system.


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Neem oil as an insecticide and repellent

Unlike many insecticides the gardeners are using, neem oil has a different but very strong effect. According to Wikipedia due to the substances found in neem, this insecticide confuses the insects, literally making them “forget” to eat and breed, and thus neem oil breaks the generation chain and eventually the plants are completely free of all non-beneficial insects. Neem oil insecticide can be poured in the ground where the plant grows, being afterwards absorbed by it. So when the insects come to try the plant, they will also consume neem, which will lead to their extinction. As well neem oil can be used as a repellent since it has insect-revolting feature (adding to this, neem oil is incredibly good for skin).