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Fish Oil: Hair Care and Hair Mask Recipes

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The use of fish oil as a hair care product is still gaining its popularity. The oil is mostly known for its health benefits. According to Wikipedia, there are three varieties of cod fat, white and yellow are used in cosmetics and folk medicine, and the third – brown is used in the production of soaps and lubricants. Let’s make it clear what are the benefits of fish oil for our hair?

Fish oil benefits for hair

Cod oil is necessary for dry, brittle and thinning hair affected by permanent coloring and perms. Furthermore, it will be useful and for hair loss. Also fish oil will help to cope with such problem as split ends. If you are not familiar with these problems, fish oil can be used as an external hair care product for dry and normal hair.

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Fish oil consists of many essential for healthy hair and beauty substances: Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which improve the structure of hair, as Healthy Hair Plus states. Palmitic and oleic acids strengthen our hair, give it vitality and shine. Vitamins A and B help hair grow and prevent its loss. Vitamin A, or retinol, is an effective antioxidant, which accelerates cells regeneration. Vitamin D promotes rapid hair growth. Besides the above mentioned substances, fish oil consists of bromine, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus. Read more about fish oil and vitamin D.


To improve and strengthen the hair with fish oil, you can take it internaly, or you can use it as an external agent. The easiest way is to buy fish oil in capsules (find out what are the best fish oil brands). Another option is to do a healing mixture yourself: take a couple of spoons of fish oil, add a spoonful of powdered shell of quail eggs and mix thoroughly.

There are plenty of hair masks based on the fish oil.

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Hair masks recipes

For dry and normal hair. Beat an egg yolk and mix it with two spoons of slightly heated fish oil. Mask should be evenly applied through your hair, starting from the roots and finishing with tips. Roll up your hair in a towel, then wash it in 20-25 minutes. For healthy hair it is recommended to use this mask every two weeks.

For damaged and over dried hair. It is good for treating hair loss as well. Take fish oil and mix it with some other oils, for example burdock or castor. Take 2 tablespoons of each ingredient. Rub the mixture into the scalp and soak hair roots with it, then cover the head for one or two hours. Wash the mask off the hair. It is recommended to repeat this procedure 2 times a week, the course of treatment is 15-20 masks. If apply this mask regularly, hair will become soft and elastic, and will get a beautiful shine.

For split ends. This is the easiest way. Soak the ends of the hair by the heated fish oil and hide them under the polyethylene, wash it with shampoo in 40 minutes. This mask should be done once or twice a week, it is recommended to hold from 5 to 20 procedures.