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Rosehip Seed Oil for Skin: Flower Power for Your Beauty

rosehip seed oil for skin

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Rosehip seed oil for skin treatment is one of the best natural products. Adding to its pleasant aroma and lightness (this oil is often used as a carrier), there is a whole package of vitamins, EFAs and beneficial substances that can do wonders to our skin.

The benefits of rose hip oil

Whether you want to treat some skin condition (psoriasis, eczema, etc.) or you simply wish to keep your skin properly nourished, rosehip seed oil is a right choice for you. Below are presented its beneficial properties that do such a great job for keeping our skin healthy and beautiful:

  • Moisturizing

Rose hip seed oil is often referred to as “dry oil”, and there is a good reason behind such name. Unlike many other natural oils, rose hip oil gets absorbed in our skin incredibly fast without leaving any grease on the surface. It also speeds up the migration cycle of keratin, assisting in skin cells renovation. Adding to this, the EFAs present in this oil also contribute to skin hydration and well-being, so all together these properties of rose hip seed oil make our skin look healthier, younger and smoother.


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  • Anti-aging property

With the appearance of wrinkles and various spots our skin obviously looks older, but there is a natural way to improve that state and treat the skin from inside, returning its young look. The key to it is vitamin A, found in rose hip seed oil, and its form Retin-A as Wikipedia states. This substance does two important functions that positively affect our skin. Firstly, Retin-A performs the process of exfoliation on our skin, meaning it removes dead old skin cells and reveals the new healthy layer. Secondly, vitamin A stimulates blood flow circulation, which contributes to the cells regeneration and to the increased production of healthy new cells. In addition to this, the oil also contains vitamin E, which increases collagen production and collagen is responsible for skin elasticity and strength. Find out other benefits of rosehip seed oil.

In order to heal damaged tissue, the skin has to be well-hydrated and contain necessary nutrition substances, like EFAs which are present in rose hip oil. Also, vitamin A boosts the healing system of our body, increasing the speed of the process and its efficiency.


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  • Antiseptic properties

Because of its antibacterial and anti fungal properties, rose hip seed oil can successfully be used as a treatment against certain skin conditions, like psoriasis, eczema, acne (read about rosehip seed oil and acne), etc. It also can be used in treating nail and scull skin conditions, which were caused by parasites and microbes.

  • Protection against UV

When our skin is exposed to the sun, free radicals are produced which damage certain processes in our body and negatively affect nails and hair, for example. Antioxidants present in rose hip seed oil, such as vitamins C and A, are free radical-fighting substances thus protecting our body on inside and outside and prevent it from the possible damage.