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Neem Oil Soap and Shampoo: Enjoy the Miracle of Neem on Your Body

neem oil soap

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Neem oil soap and shampoo can be made by yourself, do not require much tme or skill and as a result, your skin and hair will receive a generous nutritional treatment.

Neem oil shampoo

Either you want to treat your skull skin and hair or you simply wish to improve the overall state of your hair, neem oil shampoo is a great choice (read more about neem oil benefits for hair). It:

  • Eliminates hair lice

Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, neem is a perfect product to combat various parasites.

  •  Stimulates hair growth

Neem affects our skin a lot, and healthy skull skin is the condition for proper hair growth. So by keeping the skin healthy, neem shampoo results in health, growth and thickness of the hair. The use of jamaican black castor oil for hair growth is also advised.

  • Improves the condition of the skin

Among the properties neem possesses is anti-inflammatory, so if any itching and redness takes place, neem oil shampoo deals with it, reducing the irritation.

  •  Moisturize and smoothen skin

Substances found in neem (for example, vitamin E) help keeping the skin moisturized, healthy and elastic.


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How to make neem oil shampoo?

For every 100 ml of regular shampoo it is advised to use from 1 to 5 ml of neem oil. Vary the amount according to your preference and purpose (if used for some skin disorder, the concentration can be higher than for simple hair treatment). It is also advised to use the mix immediately after preparation. For more instructions on neem oil shampoo making, you can refer to Discover Neem.



Neem oil soap

This soap is a wonderful and multi-beneficial product to use, since it can be used for both skin disorders treatment and for general body treatment with the aim of moisturizing and improving skin condition. You can either buy it (watch the concentration carefully, 30-40% is the maximum you get) or you can make it by yourself. For this you will need simple glycerin soap and some neem oil (fragrances or colors according to your preference).

  •   Cut the glycerin soap in pieces and weight it. You will need to use the amount of neem oil that makes 5% of the glycerin soap weight that you intend to use.
  •   Pour the mixture into molds and let it cool down.