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Hemp Oil and Cancer: a New Weapon?

hemp oil and cancer

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People started duscussing hemp oil and cancer after the study, conducted in 1998. This was the effect of non-psychoactive cannabinoid on human glioma cells, proving that hemp can be a new cancer cure. Is that so and can cancer really be cured by hemp products?

Hemp oil and cancer

Throughout years, significant results were reported, stating, for example that cannabinoid slowes down the tumor activity (Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Fast Forward, 2003). And recently the International Medical Veritas Association put hemp oil on the cancer protocol as a treatment against it. So does hemp oil really cure cancer? And if it is so, the next question is, how it should be consumed and how does it affect our body?

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How does hemp seed oil cure cancer?

According to the pioneer of hemp oil usage, Rick Simpson, hemp seed oil can really cure cancer. It does it on few levels such as:

  • Increasing melatonin level

Rick claims pineal gland to be of the most importance in our body. This gland produces melatonin, which travels to every cell and is responsible for our healing and well-being. According to studies, in the bodies of those suffering from cancer, the level of melatonin is really low. And hemp oil not only brings it back to normal, but also increases it much more than just average.

  • Increasing PH level

Hemp seed oil increases the PH level in our bodies, and the combination of high PH and melatonin level tend to cure and improve almost all conditions, including cancer on the first place.

Hemp oil and skin cancer

Hemp oil is generally used for eczema treatment. Rick Simpson on his website explained in detail how he cured his skin cancer by applying small amount of oil on infected area and covering it with bandage, then repeating the procedure every 3-4 days until the cancer disappeared. However, he says it is important not to stop immediately after that and continue the treatment for few more weeks to establish the result.

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Hemp oil and cancer treatment

Speaking about treating cancer by oil consumption, Rick Simpson says it takes approximately 90 days and 60 grams for the whole treatment. He suggests starting with 3 doses per day, with the amount of dose ¼ of a drop. After four days one may start increasing the dose by doubling the amount every four days. In average, it takes a person about 5 weeks to reach the state, where he would be able to ingest 1 gram of hemp oil per day. After this state is reached, this rate may be continued until cancer is gone.

before consuming hemp oil make sure that hemp oil doesn’t have side effects for you. What also important to remember is that some changes in lifestyle are to be made. Changing eating habits is crucial and therefore, while being on hemp oil treatment, one should remember to eat as much raw vegetables and fruits as possible and also drink a lot of juices as this will increase the PH level and create an atmosphere, in which cancer cells will die.