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Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil: Which is the Best?

olive oil vs avocado oil


Avocado oil as well as olive oil has been used both as an ingredient of different beauty products and as a self-sufficient product used for cooking or skin care for thousands of years. Although both products are quite similar due to their chemical structure, there are certain differences that make these two products quite incomparable. Knowing the distinctive features of each of the oils will help you to choose the right product for you needs and define who the winner is in avocado oil vs. olive oil struggle. 

Firstly, let us take a look at each product itself, in order to see their main characteristics and benefits.


Olive Oil

Nutritional Benefits

The olive oil is really rich in nutritional values. The oil is widely known as a protector against heart diseases. How does it protect our heart? The answer is the so-called “good” cholesterol, which the oil is really rich with. The presence of notable amounts of the good cholesterol keeps bad cholesterol away. Speaking about the nutritional qualities, one should notice also that the oil contains a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids that can be very important in avoiding the ulcer symptoms and are digested very actively.  

Smoke Point

As regards cooking, olive oil a little bit loses its flavor when heated to its smoke point (375° F). It also should be noticed, that while heating the oil to such a temperature, the structure of the fatty acid chains is also changed, which potentially can lead to some unwanted and even dangerous effects.  

Cooking Tips

Due to the potential unhealthy qualities of the oil when heated, it is preferred to use it for salads, or for adding to some other hot meals, which are colder than the smoking point temperature. Such a usage will surely open all the positive sides of the oil, avoiding the potentially unwanted.


Avocado Oil

Nutritional Benefits

According to American Oil Chemists’ Society web site, avocado oil contains a lot of antioxidant Vitamin E, which makes it an absolutely winner in this category comparing the avocado oil vs olive oil.

Smoke Point

According to Wikipedia, the smoke point of refined avocado oil is 520°F, virgin one – 375-400°F.

Cooking Tips

Taking into consideration the fact that avocado oil has a higher smoke point (520° F – refined) vs olive oil, it is supposed to be better for cooking. As most vegetable oils, the avocado oil is vulnerable to the sun light, so it is better to keep the oil in a dark and cool place.


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The Similarities of Avocado and Olive Oils

  • rich in monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
  • help fighting cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • help to prevent many diseases
  • contain a lot of antioxidants
  • may be cold pressed or refined


Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil

  • avocado oil is better for lotions and general skin care, as it penetrates deeper into the skin and transports the proteins better than the olive oil
  • olive oil is less vulnerable to sunlight
  • olive oil while reaching its smoke point maybe very harmful
  • avocado oil contains up to 76% of fatty acids, while the olive oil approximately 65%
  • avocado oil has more antioxidants and vitamin E. 


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  • Megan

    Since I have been using Avocado oil,thickened with a little beeswax to thicken it up. My face has never,looked better! I about gave up on looking for lotions or other things to relieve my DRY skin, I will never go back! I also add lavender,palmarosa,and a tiny bit of rose essential oils. ADD the essential oils that are best for your skin type.

    • AmericanBlood

      Hi Megan, I know that you wrote this 5 years ago, but on the chance that you see this, what avocado oil and Beeswax combination do you use & recommend?