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Easy, Cheap and EFFECTIVE Olive Oil Hair Treatment

olive oil hair treatment

It is widely known that olive oil hair treatment is a high-quality choice for those who prefer natural alternative for commercial products. Although we are used to thinking of olive oil first of all as a cooking oil, it is indispensable in personal care as well. MD-Health.Com advises olive oil for hair care due to its moistening properties and nourishing abilities. Whenever you use olive oil as a pre-shampoo care product, as a regular conditioner or a finishing product, the benefits will immediately become visible. Applying olive oil on hair makes it strong, healthy and shiny. It is a perfect solution for dry, lifeless and damaged hair.  It is obvious that using extra virgin olive oil for hair brings the greatest number of benefits as it possesses most of its useful properties.

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Why is olive oil good for your hair?

  • Olive oil cures dandruff as it moisturizes the hair and scalp thus treating dandruff flakes
  • It treats split ends and flyaways
  • It makes your hair healthy-looking and shiny while regular shampoos can do the opposite and deprive the hair from moisture due to the sulfates contained it them
  • Olive oil makes lifeless and damaged hair manageable and easy to style
  • It softens your hair and makes it pliable
  • Olive oil gives your hair extra moistening and strength


Applying olive oil on hair

Step 1

Make sure that your hair is well-combed and dry before starting the treatment.

Step 2

Thoroughly massage the olive oil in hair and scalp with your fingers. You may require from ¼ to ½ cup of olive oil. It depends on the density and length of your hair.

Step 3

Put on a plastic bag or a shower cap so that all of your hair is covered. Leave the olive oil on for about half an hour or so.

Step 4

Wash your hair with a shampoo and condition it as usual. If necessary lather the shampoo one more time so that all the oil is removed from your hair.

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Considerations and tips

  1. Olive oil is equally beneficial on dry and wet hair.
  2. Although olive oil is generally recommended for dry hair treatment, it can also do a lot of good for greasy hair as it tames oiliness.
  3. Some sources advise sitting under a hair dryer or incandescent light bulb after applying olive oil on hair. Otherwise you can sit simply in the sun. The point is that the heat helps olive oil to penetrate the hair as much as possible.
  4. As olive oil in itself is a great conditioner, you can skip using your regular conditioner after washing your hair with a shampoo.
  5. Use caution while using olive oil in your shower as it can make the floor of your shower very slippery.
  6. Do not leave olive oil on your hair for too long and it’s better not used for hair styling.


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