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What is Jojoba Oil Used for? 6 Jojoba Oil Uses

jojoba oil uses

Jojoba oil is one of miracle essential oils, which is based on liquid wax collected from the seeds of jojoba tree. This wonderful and odorless product is considered to be one of the main and most common products in the world of beauty. What is jojoba oil used for? The oil is universal and can be used in almost everything. We offer you 6 best uses of  jojoba oil to save the beauty of your face, hair, nails and body.

Jojoba oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. That’s why it is an excellent natural product for treating hair and various skin diseases. In addition, this essential oil can be applied for all skin types, because it does not cause any allergic reactions and skin irritations. Let’s discover what jojoba oil is used for in everyday life.

Moisturizing face and body

Thanks to its natural moisturizing qualities, jojoba oil is often used in creams for face and body. It resembles the properties of human skin oil, so it leaves skin soft and hydrated. If you’ve got an oily skin it is not necessary to worry about acne, because jojoba oil regulates the production of fat in the skin, protecting you from unpleasant inflammation. You can use jojoba oil separately, or you can add it to your body lotion to make it more useful. Read more about benefits of jojoba oil for skin.

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Make-up remover

One more excellent way of using jojoba oil is – a make-up remover from face and eyes. Apply a little oil on a cotton pad and clean your face from cosmetics. Jojoba oil is very soft and gentle, so it is a perfect means for cleaning your face. In addition, it is not only perfectly removes make-up residue, but also strengthens your lashes, making them strong and healthy. Find out how castor oil helps eyelashes.

Lip balm

If your lips are dry and often peel, jojoba oil can become a wonderful solution of this problem, as AlternativeMedicine states. Apply a small amount of oil regularly, and you will see how your lips will be transformed.


Our hands are always to the view, and, as a consequence, are exposed to external factors, so dried and flaking cuticle is not a rare fact. Jojoba oil can help you to get rid of this problem. You just have to rub a few drops of this oil in the base of the nail every day to give a healthy look to your cuticles.

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Hair treatment

Jojoba oil uses to treat dry and damaged hair, according to the Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. Add a few drops of essential oil in your conditioner and apply it on your hair. Jojoba oil is also a good way to prevent split ends. Before you start drying damp hair, apply a small amount of oil on your palm and rub it into the ends of the hair. It will help you to keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong for a long time. Read more about jojoba oil for hair.

Jojoba massage oil

Can be used independently or as a basis for essential oils. In its pure form – a great tool for a skin massage of hands and nails. Has a great effect on the massaged joints.