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Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits: a Miracle for Hair and Skin

jamaican black castor oil benefits

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Jamaican black castor oil is made from the same castor beans as original castor oil. However, the different manufacturing process influences the features of the oil and its benefits. As a result people differentiate two castor oils and value Jamaican black castor oil benefits. What are the main Jamaican black castor oil benefits?

Hair care

One of the most distinctive black castor oil benefits is its amazing effect on the hair. The oil can turn any hair into shiny, strong and thick. Black castor oil provides the hair and the scalp with a bulk of valuable and necessary nutrients. Jamaican castor oil stimulates blood circulation and can provide the antifungal treatment as castoroil.org states.  The oil is perfect for unmanageable hair, split ends, dry and thinning hair. It is perfect for any type of the hair. Jamaican black castor oil promotes hair growth. Even if your hair is prone to become greasy and it is in a good condition Jamaican castor oil will benefit it in any case.


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Skin care

Jamaican black castor oil benefits for skin are difficult to overestimate. The oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids. During the process of the oil manufacturing castor beans are roasted before pressing and afterwards the ash is added to the oil. It increases the effectiveness of Jamaican black castor oil in comparison with clear castor oil for skin. The components of black castor oil perform several functions on the skin:

  • skin cleansing: the oil removes all the impurities from the pores preventing inflammation and blackheads
  • skin moisturizing: the oil hydrates the skin and retains the moisture
  • skin nourishment: Jamaican black castor oil provides the skin with vitamins and fatty acids
  • skin treatment: black castor oil can treat acne, fungal diseases, dermatitis and eczema.

Healing effect

Due to the fatty acids, such as ricinoleic, undecylenic acids and others, and ash from the roasting process black castor oil has a strong healing power. As Wikipedia states the ricinoleic acid has the anti-inflammatory properties. So black castor oil may calm down inflammation, it also kills bacteria and fungi. The oil can be used to heal athlete’s foot and toenail fungus the same way tea tree oil for athlete’s foot is applied; it is applied for skin moles, warts and eczema. Moreover, one of Jamaican black castor oil benefits is its ability to heal wounds and cuts. Apply black castor oil on wound and it facilitates the healing process.


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Pain killer

Jamaican black castor oil can help you get rid of pain. Clear castor oil is also known for this effect. You will heal your pain with black castor oil even faster. The oil is effective for back pain, muscular pains and arthritis pain. Just massage the oil into the affected area regularly and you will feel the relief.


Unfortunately there have been few scientific researches of Jamaican black castor oil benefits. So they are proven mainly by people who choose black castor oil. Before the oil application conduct an allergy test. Make sure that you are not sensitive to Jamaican black castor oil. Apply a few drops of it on your arm and wait for 24 hours. You should have no itching, rash, redness and so on.

  • Judy

    does this work for thickening up brows?

    • Monica

      pretty much. though im not sure if it works just as effective as the regular castor oil. this guide uses a regular castor oil for eyebrows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD6ure1mJAU

      • Allison

        i dont think there’s not much difference between this and regular castor oil. Although, i think it depends on what you use it for.

      • Tiffany

        Regular castor oil is def for brows and growing hair. black caster oil is great for maintaining it.