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Castor Oil for Scars: Get to Know How to Use it Effectively

castor oil for scars

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Castor oil was applied even in ancient Egypt.  The uses of the oil are numerous. Cosmetologists recommend applying castor oil for scars. The oil makes scars less noticeable and prevents their appearance.   Can castor oil remove scars completely?

Benefits of castor oil for scars

Prevention of scar formation

Castor oil protects the skin from scar formation especially when applied on wounds, cut or after surgery. There are several studies proving that castor oil may lessen scar formation. The oil can stimulate the lymphatic system. It enlarges the number of lymphocytes in the body. According to Wikipedia lymphocytes play an important role in wound healing. Babies have a high level of lymphocytes so their wounds don’t leave scars. When you apply castor oil on the skin your level of lymphocytes increases what makes you less prone to scars. Castor oil also moisturizes the skin and increases its regeneration.


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Scar healing

You may use castor oil for healing scars as the oil possesses the healing effect on scars.  Unfortunately, it cannot stimulate the growth of new skin and diminish the scar completely. However, castor oil affects healthy and abnormal cells. As far as abnormal cells are concerned the oil may dissolve cells of the scar tissue. Scars become less vivid. The oil also stimulates blood circulation and detoxifies healthy cells according to Dr.Mercola.

Castor oil for acne scars

Castor oil is a good choice for preventing and healing acne scars. The oil doesn’t clog pores and cleanses the skin from excessive oil, toxins, bacteria and waste. In such a way it protects the skin from inflammation and from forming acne scars. Moreover, it is possible to use castor oil for acne scars as it will calm down the inflammation, speed up blood circulation and skin regeneration. Combine castor oil with grapeseed oil for acne scars.


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How to use castor oil for scars

Before using castor oil for acne scars make sure that you are not allergic to the oil. Conduct a patch test for this. Stop using castor oil in case the scarred area is inflamed or red. You may apply the oil in two ways:

Method #1

  • Clean your skin of the scarred area to remove all debris. You may use natural products, for example jojoba oil for cleansing.
  • Take castor oil with your fingertips and gently apply it on the skin. Castor oil is thick so you need a small amount of it.
  • Massage the area for several minutes. It helps the oil penetrate better into the skin cells and increases blood circulation. Don’t rub too hard.
  • Avoid using castor oil on open areas of the scar. Don’t apply it on your nostrils, eyes or near them.
  • Repeat twice a day.


For this method you will need castor oil and a clean cloth. A cloth of flannel is a better choice as this fabric absorbs the oil perfectly and it is natural and very soft.

  • Pour some castor oil in a bowl and soak the cloth in the oil.
  • Place the cloth on the scarred area avoiding eyes.
  • Leave it for 30-45 minutes and remove it. Don’t rinse the oil from the skin. Castor oil doesn’t clog pores so it can be used for any type of the skin, including acne-prone skin.