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Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks: Why & How

coconut oil for stretch marks


Stretch marks are a certain form of scarring that takes place after rapid skin stretching. At first they appear purple or red lines and then they become of a pale, white or pink shade. The damaged area is very soft and delicate.

If stretch marks come out on some part of the body they appear on areas where there is more fat accumulated. Therefore, common places for stretch marks are breasts, stomach area, thighs, arms, buttocks and hips. Most stretch marks are not dangerous for health; they simply annoy and seem uncomely.


Causes of stretch marks

The main cause of stretch marks appearing is fast skin stretching and even tearing, which usually occurs as a result of fast growth. The most wide-spread reasons for this stretching are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Fast muscle growth due to exercise
  • Rapid gain of weight
  • Intake of medications with steroid ingredients.
  • Disorders: Marfan syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

However, stretch marks differ from usual scarring because it can lessen over time.  Some remedies and even home-made creams can be applied to lower the visual appearance of the stretched skin. Many people try to use coconut oil for stretch marks diminishing.


Prevention and treatment

The best way to avoid stretch marks is to prevent their appearance. Coconut oil is a good way for skin moisturizing and nourishing. There are coconut body oils and lotions in the market that can help the skin keep its flexibility and elasticity. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy special body lotions and creams with coconut oil to prevent stretch marks. You can just apply organic coconut oil.


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Organic coconut oil

It has been proven that Organic Coconut Oil applied to the skin during the whole pregnancy helps avoid stretch mark scaring. Not only can it help avoid stretch marks in the majority of cases, but it can also reduce the visual appearance of damaged areas. Vitamin E comprised in coconut oil is known for its curing effect for skin imperfections. Organic coconut oil is absorbed easily and delivers vitamin E very effectively.


Ways of using coconut oil for stretch marks

The best and easiest way to use pure organic coconut oil for stretch marks reducing is to massage gently a small quantity on the skin area for several minutes. Let it dry and repeat once again. This method should be used four times a day if your skin is not allergic. Make sure that you use raw coconut oil without additives because they may irritate the soft skin of stretch marks and prevent skin cells regenerating.

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Another way to fight stretch marks is to use coconut oil with scrub cream or to apply ready-made scrubs containing coconut oil. If used right after the bath when your skin is damp, the scrub with coconut oil will buff away dead skin cells and nourish your skin, replenish with vitamins and rejuvenate. Use after each bathing for preventing or curing stretch marks.

You may also add coconut oil to your diet. Organic coconut oil will help you fight with stretch marks from the inside. It will nourish your skin, control digestion and weight. What is more, medium-chain triglycerides of coconut oil are beneficial not only for future moms, but also nutritious for a developing baby.