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Coconut Oil as a Sunscreen?

coconut oil sunscreen


Most of us nowadays are looking for natural solutions for all kinds of health problems. Although health care industry develops rapidly in all directions, people never forgot about the benefits of organic ingredients. Coconut oil sunscreen is a perfect example of natural alternative to a commercial product.

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Ultraviolet radiation and skin

The ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun is the burning question for those of us who live in a warm sunny climate. It consists of two kinds of rays that may cause crucial harm to your skin and general health. These are ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB).  The reason why they are so dangerous is that both of them can cause the beginning of skin cancer. Ultraviolet A is the rays that together with sunspots, which some can find cute and lovely, cause wrinkles, aging of the skin and tanning. Another issue is the sunburn of the skin which is the result of ultraviolet B influence.


Commercial sunscreens

One of the disadvantages of commercial sun creams is that they contain toxic ingredients – different chemicals like oxybenzone and fillers. Although they might be effective and the grease added in them makes the sun cream stay on your skin longer, they can cause allergy, irritate your skin and are definitely not very good for children. That’s why it makes sense to search for a natural alternative to sun creams and lotions.


Coconut oil as a natural sunscreen

Hopefully the alternative was found long ago and is still used by millions of people who live in the tropics and on islands. This natural alternative is coconut oil. It has been used as a sunscreen for generations. Coconut oil is a proven agent that protects your skin from sunburn and cancer due to its antioxidant properties. These properties of coconut oil prevent the skin from burning and oxidative damage that causes cancer.  Coconut oil heals the skin and blocks the impact of ultraviolet radiation from the sun which makes it to be a perfect sunscreen.

An interesting fact is that the first sunscreens produced and sold commercially included coconut oil as their essential ingredient. Even so, chemicals as primary sun blocking agents replaced coconut oil afterwards. Some present-day sunscreen lotions and creams contain coconut oil in its formulas. Nevertheless you can use coconut oil for the purpose of sunscreen and be pleasantly surprised by its abilities. First of all coconut oil is totally organic, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and soaks in immediately.

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Vitamin D and coconut oil

The main advantage of using coconut oil sunscreen is that it prevents free-radical reactions which are caused by the overexposure to the sun without blocking out the sun rays. UV radiation while in moderation is beneficial to our health. Sunlight is practically the only way of formation of Vitamin D, which is vital to our health. Vitamin D makes our bones strong and prevents us from osteoporosis rickets and osteomalacia. It you use coconut oil sunscreen it prevents you from sunburn and skin cancer and allows you to get a positive impact of sunlight at the same time.



The frequency and intensity of coconut oil using depends on your skin type. Generally a thin layer of coconut oil every 90-120 minutes is enough to protect you. Do not forget though to rub a new layer of coconut oil each time you get wet.