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Palm Oil Side Effects: a Question to Consider


palm oil side effects

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Palm oil side effects are things that should be taken into consideration before starting to consume palm oil and palm oil products, as it may affect every person differently according to his or her state of health. So what are the adverse or possible adverse effects of palm oil on our health? When is palm oil bad for you?

Palm oil and health

The most known feature of palm oil is its composition, and in particular, the concentration of fats it has. According to University of Georgia, each 100 grams of palm oil (edible) contain 99.1% of fats. This leads to certain theories about the effect of palm oil on cardiac health and cholesterol levels. Let’s see the most popular beliefs and find out, whether they are true or whether they are just misconceptions.


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  • Cholesterol levels

Some people believe that due to the high concentration of fats present in palm oil, this product has to be strictly avoided especially by people with high cholesterol. It is actually not true. Palm oil has a balanced composition of unsaturated (“good”) fats and saturated (“bad”) fats.These fats are discussed in more details on WebMD. In addition, this oil completely lacks cholesterol. Therefore, it does not affect it, and actually lowers the cholesterol levels in your body. However, you still have to be careful with palm oil because if you don’t consume it in moderate amounts then it may have negative effects on your health. In addition, palm oil is most often found in various pastry products, butter and margarine and chocolate, therefore, consumption of these products is also advised to be decreased.

  • Obesity problem

The composition of palm oil  includes high amount of calories as well, which may lead to obesity if the oil is consumed in big amounts. In its turn, obesity may result in a number of conditions like cardiac diseases; therefore it has to be taken seriously.Obesity and its negative effects on our health is discussed in more details by Doctor Oz. As mentioned above, palm oil is often used in “unhealthy” products and snacks, which also should not be consumed heavily.


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Precautions before consumption

In general, no major palm oil side effects have been proven except for the considerations stated above. It can be said that palm oil does not have any side effects if taken in moderate amounts and after consultation with the doctor. If you think about starting to consume palm oil, it is recommended you get a consultation from a specialist to see whether palm oil will be acceptable individually for you. As well you may want to make some changes to your diet so that it will have balanced amount of fats and nutrients.