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Palm Oil Products: Things You Have to Know

palm oil products

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While palm oil is widely spread all over the world and there are a great variety of palm oil products, starting from food and continuing with household goods, the number of people concerned about its usage is growing. People are becoming more aware of the possible damage that palm oil production causes to the environment and therefore, consumers are willing to learn more about the products that contain palm oil and its sustainability.

Sustainable palm oil

To understand the importance of sustainability in terms of palm oil some explanation is needed. Since palm oil is so demanded all over the world and is a crop that gives a lot of yield comparing to other oils, more and more plantations have to be created. This leads to vast deforestation especially in Indonesia and Malaysia and also destroys the natural habitat of orangutan which is endangered species. A Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, as Wikipedia states,was established in order to make sure that palm oil, supplied to the market, was grown and produced in conditions that correspond to ecological and economic standards.


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Which palm oil products to avoid?

Despite RSPO and its palm oil standards, many people still feel suspicious about that oil and prefer to avoid it. Here is the list that highlights the general products that contain palm oil:

  • Food and food manufacturing

Due to its high melting point, palm oil is great for cooking, but not only that attracts food manufacturers. If hydrogenated or fractioned palm oil is used in, for example, chocolate bars, it would prevent the chocolate from melting. Thus most common food products that palm oil is used in are energy and chocolate bars, pastries, margarine, ice cream, butter and many candies. There is a list of the following manufacturers and brands that use palm oil: Hershey’s, Skittles, Nestle, Mars, Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Milka and Nutella spreads.


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  • Beauty and personal care products

Palm oil is also known as being a good cosmetic product due to its anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties. It is included in a variety of soaps, shampoos and creams,for example: Dove, Dial, Paradise Gold, Nivea, Curel, Palmer’s, Vaseline, Pearl Probiotics, Palmolive, Body Shop.

It is not necessary to avoid the products by these manufacturers if they are using sustainable and approved palm oil. As well not all products of these companies contain palm oil so always read the label carefully or ask the consultant about the product composition. Doctor Oz gives a helpful insight on how to promote sustainable palm oil production.