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Macadamia Nut Oil for Cooking – the Whole New Taste

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Nowadays there is a variety of vegetable oils offered to the customer and each has its own unique value and benefits. For a long time olive oil was considered a leader among other oils because of its positive effects on health and distinguished taste. However, things have changed as macadamia nut oil for cooking has been gaining popularity all over the world, making this oil number one choice for many people.

What makes it stand out?

When it comes to cooking, everyone try to be health-conscious but without losing the opportunity to add new flavor to the dishes. Using macadamia nut oil for cooking has a number of benefits that make it more preferable than other oils.

  • High concentration of monounsaturated fats

The composition of macadamia nut oil includes 85% of monounsaturated “good” fats, explained in detail on Wikipedia. They decrease LDL cholesterol and increase HDL one. Thus while cooking with macadamia oil, you lower the risk of promoting cardiac diseases and actually cause benefit to your health.

  • Essential fatty acids

Macadamia oil contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 in a perfect ratio 1:1 as well as Omega 7, or palmitoleic acid. Essential fatty acids are required for our body and play an important role in our well-being. The description of how Omega 3 benefits our body can be found on WebMD.


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  • High concentration of vitamin E

Known as a powerful anti oxidant, vitamin E is present in macadamia oil and greatly benefits our health. One of its abilities includes fighting free radicals-substances that damage the cells and even promote serious conditions.

  • Macadamia nut oil smoke point

This oil has an unusually high smoke point which is 232oC. Thus macadamia oil becomes a leader among other oils for cooking as it does not burn your food and in additon gives it pleasant taste and crunch. Even though coconut oil has relatively high smoking point as well, it does not contain all healthy substances that macadamia oil does, and actually is not considered very beneficial for your health.

  • Pleasant taste and variety of uses

Thanks to its mild and nutty taste, macadamia oil can be used in much more dishes rather than olive oil, for example. Macadamia oil can be used as salad dressing, butter substitute (especially in baking and pastry) and dip for chips. As well this oil, as all vegetable oils, does not contain cholesterol.


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Macadamia oil vs olive oil

Even though olive oil is considered the best one to use, in many aspects it stands on the second place after macadamia oil. If we compare macadamia oil vs olive oil we see that the amount of monounsaturated fats in olive oil is 70% (while macadamia oil has 85%) and this oil is not as stabel as macadamia. Olive oil deteriorates at room temperature and its smoke point is 176oC only. In addition, olive oil has too sharp and distinguished taste which limits the amount of dishes it can be used in.