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Why Use Argan Oil for Hair

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Using argan oil for hair can significantly help damaged hair. This plant oil is derived from the kernel of the fruit of argan tree. As long as this tree grows in Morocco the oil is also called Moroccan oil. Produced traditionally by hand, argan oil is considered to be rare and expensive. Although it is a relatively new product on the American market, this oil has already managed to earn a good reputation among prominent hairdressers and stylists. It is considered to be very helpful for those who have dry and lifeless hair damaged by constant styling and coloring as well as the impact of sun and cold.


Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Due to oleic and linoleic fatty acids contained in argan oil, it provides moistening and shining to your hair. Moreover, this oil is a good source of silicone which is a popular ingredient of many hair products. Applying argan oil to your hair can tame its frizzing as well as smooth its shaft. It is a perfect solution for those who are used to strengthening hair every day. Using a hairdryer or a flattening iron causes serious harm to your hair. Hopefully you can avoid these problems or at least reduce them by adding products containing Moroccan oil to your hair treatment procedure.  This oil easily penetrates your hair leaving it nourished, restored and renewed. Even though argan oil’s properties are similar to the properties of jojoba oil, it shows more notable results according to Argan Oil Society website.


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Argan Oil Benefits for Hair

  • Hydrates your hair in an efficient and most natural way
  • Greatly penetrates the hair leaving it nourished and elastic
  • Repairs cellular membrane of your hair due to the natural antioxidants
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Perfectly straightens rough and curly hair
  • Makes your hair more controllable and manageable
  • It is easily absorbed by your hair
  • Vitamin E contained in argan oil helps to restore and renew your hair damaged by such destructive agents like the sun and heat from styling tools
  • Locks the moisture of your hair in and restores its natural shine and luster
  • Treats brittle hair and increases the life of the hair damaged by color treatment
  • Rich in such unsaturated fatty acids as Omega 3 and Omega 9, argan oil provides a good source of the necessary nutritional components for the roots and pores of your hair


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How to apply

There are different ways how to use argan oil for hair. It can be applied either to dry or wet hair. If you decide to use argan oil before you go to bath, try to wrap your hair into a warm towel and leave it for approximately two hours. This will give the oil time to thoroughly penetrate your hair and nourish it. Otherwise after washing your hair massage a small amount of Moroccan oil into your scalp. Make sure the oil is distributed evenly from the ends to the roots of your hair. Now even if you dry your hair with a hairdryer it will be protected from the heat and look healthy and shiny. To choose the best argan oil for hair from the wide variety presented on the market, go to a beauty shop or salon rather than supermarket.