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Coconut Oil and Thyroid

coconut oil thyroid


Hypothyroidism, a condition characterized by an underactive thyroid gland, is a growing problem in the United States nowadays. Currently a lot of researches are being made on coconut oil thyroid treatment. Although coconut oil hasn’t been proved as a thyroid gland remedy, it can benefit greatly to your fight with hypothyroidism and your general health.

According to the service of National Institutes of Health, a healthy thyroid is extremely important as it keeps different systems function properly in our body. It prevents the raise of serum cholesterol level in our blood. A low thyroid function makes us prone to different kinds of infections, heart disease and cancer. An underactive thyroid leads to slow metabolism and a low energy level. It results in overweight and obesity, which is a pressing problem for more than a half of the population of the USA.


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Symptoms of hypothyroidism

  • Intolerance to cold temperature and a low body temperature
  • Coarse and dry hair and hair loss
  • Puffy eyes and dry skin
  • Joint aches and muscle cramps
  • Headaches and difficulty with sleeping
  • Dizziness and fatigue
  • Libido loss
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Mental dullness and a feeling of general weakness
  • Weight gain

Coconut oil can help to relieve underactive thyroid symptoms, states Coconutoilthyroid.Com. Medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil are much healthier than trans-fatty acids. They are easily absorbed and not accumulated as fat in our body. This makes coconut oil a great choice in your weight losing program.  Coconut oil improves your metabolism and raises your energy level. A boosted metabolism will lead to your cells function better which will result in a general improvement in your immune system.


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Coconut oil is famous for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This explains why coconut oil noticeably helps to fight all kinds all infections and viruses, which is an underactive thyroid symptom as well. What is more, recent studies show that regular coconut oil usage normalizes your body temperature and reduces sensitivity to cold. 

The results of coconut oil and thyroid researches are debatable. Hypothyroidism is a serious often a life-long illness, which requires proper medical treatment. Thus, if you suffer from an underactive thyroid gland, simply using coconut oil cannot replace visits to endocrinologist, regular blood testing and taking special medication. Although coconut oil thyroid benefits are obvious and coconut oil can significantly relieve some symptoms of hypothyroidism, there is no evidence that it treats the cause of thyroid gland dysfunction. Thereby, consult your doctor before combining using coconut oil with your regular thyroid treatment.