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More and more people choose using natural products in their daily beauty regime. And this is great tendency since commercial beauty products are loaded with cancerogenic chemicals. See how you can use natural oils for your skin, body and hair care!

Macadamia Nut Oil Hair Mask: DIY Hair Treatment

macadamia nut oil hair mask

Everyone wants their hair to be shiny, silky and strong, but unfortunately, not all of us can afford fancy shampoos that guarantee you will have a Hollywood look right after first use. The best part is that you can easily make macadamia nut oil hair mask at home, ...

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Red Palm Oil for Skin: Benefits and Beauty Secrets

red palm oil for skin

Red palm oil for skin has a surprising number of benefits, working as magic wand on problem areas. A beautiful and smooth skin is the reflection of our overall health and emotional state. As well it serves as a natural barrier that protects our body from bacteria, UV ...

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Red Palm Oil for Hair: Natural and Miraculous

red palm oil for hair

Red palm oil for hair is among products that do magic to our hair. Our hair is the reflection of our lifestyle and well-being. It is easy to tell whether the person is stressed or tensed by his or her weak and brittle hair. Dust and pollution ...

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Sesame Oil for Hair: Tangled? Not Anymore!

sesame oil for hair

You can use sesame oil for hair care alongside with a variety of other purposes. Nowadays with our hectic lifestyle, stress and pollution it is no wonder that our hair looks mostly dim, has split ends and tangles. To fill it with strength and give them healthy ...

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How to Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth

argan oil for hair growth

The benefits of argan oil for hair growth have been discovered a long time ago. This oil, derived from the kernels of argan tree, is used both for cooking and cosmetic purposes and provides numerous health and beauty benefits. Among these benefits is hair treatment and protection. ...

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Why Use Argan Oil for Hair

argan oil shampoo

Using argan oil for hair can significantly help damaged hair. This plant oil is derived from the kernel of the fruit of argan tree. As long as this tree grows in Morocco the oil is also called Moroccan oil. Produced traditionally by hand, argan oil is considered ...

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Castor Oil for Hair Loss Treatment

castor oil for hair loss

Castor oil is one of the best natural remedies for hair loss treatment. If you want to prevent hair loss or if you notice that you lose your hair pay your attention to castor oil for hair loss treatment.  

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Hemp Oil for Hair: Benefits and Application Tips

hemp oil for hair

  Many people consider healthy beautiful hair as a sign of good health, and there is a certain amount of reason in this statement. Hair directly reflects, whether we have enough fatty acids and protein in the body as well as vitamins and whether our skin is ...

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All Benefits of Walnut Oil for Hair

walnut oil hair

  Walnut oil is derived from walnuts. It is edible oil and recommended for culinary use. However, walnut oil is beneficial for hair care and can be applied topically to achieve strong silky hair.

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