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Flaxseed Oil for Dogs: is it Necessary?

Flaxseed Oil for Dogs

It is widely known, that flaxseed oil has a large number of benefits for people because of its richness in omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed oil for dogs is necessary as well, as dogs’ nutrition is short of essential fatty acids and the body can’t produce them. Dry food doesn’t contain omega-3 oils. Even food where essential fatty acids are added, provides a small amount of them because essential fatty acids get rancid very quickly. Adding flaxseed oil to dogs’ diet is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids for dogs. It can improve dogs’ health, help treat cancer and support the immune system.  According to The Daily Puppy, flaxseed oil for dogs can be beneficial for the following conditions.

Heart problems

Flaxseed oil may help cardiovascular diseases in dogs. It possesses a high preventive effect. Regular intake of fatty acids by dogs can prevent high blood pressure, cholesterol level and arrhythmia. Flaxseed oil makes arteries more elastic and help avoid blood clotting. If your dog has some problems with its heart and cardiovascular system, you should consult your vet doctor for the right dosage of flaxseed oil alongside with the necessary drugs. (Read nore about flaxseed oil benefits for people)

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Flaxseed oil for dogs has anti-inflammatory properties. Feeding dogs with flaxseed oil may prevent arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease.  It can even lessen inflammation, ease symptoms and treat inflammatory diseases when taken on a prescribed schedule.

Experts advise to use flaxseed oil for dogs with cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids slow the rate of cancer growth and help prevent it. Flaxseed oil is even advised for people to treat cancer. What is more, regular consumption of flaxseed oil boosts the dogs’ immune system thus providing the body with strengths to fight the cancer and combat free radicals damage helping prevent the conversion of cells into cancer.

Coat care

Another benefit of flaxseed oil for dogs is the care for dogs’ coat. It makes the coat soft and glossy. It is because of flaxseed oil nutrition profile. When the dog has dull or dry coat flaxseed oil can help improve the coat texture, promote shinier and stronger hair. Moreover, flaxseed oil boosts the immune system which is responsible for problems with dogs’ coat and skin. Flaxseed oil also enriches your dog’s coat and skin with vitamin E necessary for their health.

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Taking flaxseed oil on a regular basis can help avoid allergies and ease the symptoms.  Omega-3 fatty acids together with vitamin E treat the skin and improve the immune system. Dogs that are allergic often possess weak immune system and flaxseed oil can provide help.

How to feed your dog with flaxseed oil

When you decide to add flaxseed oil to your dog’s diet choose unprocessed raw oil. It is much richer in beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients.  Liquid flaxseed oil can be simply poured right to dogs’ food. As Marvelous Products recommends, the dosage of flaxseed oil depends on the dogs’ weight and age. Give 1 or 2 tablespoonful to small dogs of less than twenty pounds. Larger dogs need two to three tablespoons every day. However, you’d better talk to your vet about the right dosage because of the possible side effects of overdose.