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Diet and Nutrition

We all know that healthy fats consumption is crucial for good health. Here we try to give you our best advice on what oils are best for you body and what oils you should avoid taking to improve your omega-3:omega-6 ratio and you diet and nutrition on the whole.

Flaxseeds vs Flaxseed Oil

flaxseeds vs flaxseed oil

  Flax, the plant called also Linum usitatissimum, is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, essential fats necessary for the human body but not produced by it. Omega-3 fatty acids found in flax are called alpha-linolenic acid. Consuming flaxseed is believed to bring a number of ...

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Drinking Olive Oil: What Benefits You Can Expect

drinking olive oil

The health benefits of olive oil and especially extra virgin olive oil are widely admitted. Nothing proves for 100% that drinking olive oil is healthier than use of olive oil for a salad dressing or cooking. Regardless of the way of consumption, whether it is drinking olive ...

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Nutrition Facts on Wheat Germ Oil for Your Balanced Menu

wheat germ oil nutrition

  The source of wheat germ oil is the embryo of wheat kernel, which needs special nutrients for its proper growth and development. As a result, wheat germ oil possesses revitalizing, healing and protective properties. It is a truly reasonable solution to include the oil into a ...

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4 Fish Oil Substitutes

fish oil substitutes

  Some people avoid consuming fish or fish oil for various reasons. Some are allergic to fish and seafood, others suffer from side effects of fish oil such as diarrhea and belching, fishy aftertaste or have a high risk of bleeding. There are a lot of natural ...

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Is Krill Oil Better Than Fish Oil?

krill oil vs fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are vitally important for our health and exclusively beneficial.  As Wikipedia states, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for right functioning of your nervous system, brain and vision. Researches prove the efficiency of consuming omega-3 fats for cardiovascular and nervous systems, for lowering inflammation. Fish ...

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Flaxseed Oil in Bodybuilding: Why and How

flaxseed oil bodybuilding

  The aim of bodybuilding is to enlarge muscle mass and reduce body fat, receiving excellent physical appearance. Proper nutrition is needed to keep this physical state and restore from the necessarily intensive training. Consuming flaxseed oil in addition to your bodybuilding exercises can better your health ...

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Sunflower Oil: Nutrition Facts

sunflower oil nutrition

  The source of sunflower oil is sunflower seeds, which are full of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. All of the compounds of sunflower oil are in balance. They have a good impact on human health if consumed in moderation.

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How Much Flaxseed Oil per Day We Need

flaxseed oil dosage

Flaxseed oil is a nutritional supplement derived from seeds of the flax plant. As Wikipedia states, it may be consumed to treat a great number of health conditions and diseases, including high cholesterol and heart disease.  According to some researches, flaxseed oil and its omega-3 fatty acid ...

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What is Fish Oil EPA and DHA?

fish oil epa dha

  The level of triglycerides becomes higher when people consume a lot of wrong food; but some products are known to lower triglyceride levels. Fish or fish oil is one of those products. Let’s see why fish oil helps to reduce the level of triglycerides.

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Flaxseed Oil Nutrition Facts

flaxssed oil nutrition

  Flaxseed oil is natural oil derived from seeds of the flax plant. It is grown in Western Canada and in the Northwest of the United States. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that make it beneficial for our health.

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Flaxseed Oil Vs Fish Oil

flaxseed oil vs fish oil

  Flaxseed oil and fish oil are two various oils, the common feature of which is unsaturated fat content known as omega-3 essential fatty acids. These supplements possess similar mechanisms and in case of overdose cause potentially serious and almost equal side effects. What supplement to choose: ...

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