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Diet and Nutrition

We all know that healthy fats consumption is crucial for good health. Here we try to give you our best advice on what oils are best for you body and what oils you should avoid taking to improve your omega-3:omega-6 ratio and you diet and nutrition on the whole.

Cooking with Flaxseed Oil: a Guide How to Do it Properly

cooking with flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is derived from flax and though it is possible to cook using flaxseed meal and the whole flaxseeds cooking with flaxseed oil is not recommended. Omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil are damaged when heated. The heat can make these healthy essential fats harmful.

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What is Hemp Seed Oil: Wrong Associations but Right Product

what is hemp seed oil

What is hemp seed oil? Most people get wrong associations with the mention of hemp oil. However, hemp oil has been with people throughout long history and proved itself as a valuable product beneficial for health. Nowadays it is widely used in both food preparation and medicine, ...

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Hemp Seed Oil Nutrition Facts: Everything about the Oil

hemp seed oil nutrition facts

Hemp seed oil nutrition facts show that the oil is a rich source of substances, necessary for our body. It is considered a perfect natural product for consumption and it works on many levels, improving our well-being and preventing diseases. Here are some facts about what exactly ...

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Hemp Oil Recipes for Light and Healthy Breakfast

how to make hemp oil

We offer you some delicious mouthwatering hemp oil recipes for you and your family! Having a pleasant nutty flavor and being rich in nutrients, hemp seed oil is a perfect ingredient for many healthy and tasty dishes.  Moreover, hemp oil has a lot of benefits for your health.

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3 Amazing Avocado Oil Recipes

avocado oil recipes

Avocado oil recipes are a perfect choice for those who care about their diet and healthy living.Avocado oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use for cooking. It is good for heart owing to a great amount of monounsaturated fats contained in it. These fats ...

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Grapeseed Oil Substitute: How Not to Lose in Quality


Grapeseed oil with its rich nutritional value, high smoke point and a light smell is considered very appropriate for cooking purposes. But if a recipe suggests grapeseed oil for using and there is no a drop of it at this time, a grapeseed oil substitute can be ...

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Is Palm Oil Gluten Free? All Facts for Healthy Eating

red palm oil benefits

It is important to know: “Is palm oil gluten free?” as people on gluten-free diet will agree that nothing can be worse than thoroughly choosing which product would be suitable for their diet. Nowadays the range of products without gluten has significantly expanded and therefore, there is ...

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Macadamia Nut Oil vs Coconut Oil: Pros and Cons

macadamia nut oil vs coconut oil

There has been a stereotype that oils derived from nuts cause allergies, increase cholesterol and have overall negative effect on your health. The comparison of macadamia nut oil vs coconut oil perfectly demonstrates how an oil extracted from the nut can positively affect your health, even though ...

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Grapeseed Oil vs Olive Oil: What to Choose?

grapeseed oil vs olive oil

Why do we need to compare grapeseed oil vs olive oil? A healthy diet should contain the right amount of fatty acids. One of its main sources is vegetable oils, among which olive oil is the most popular. But recently the popularity of grapeseed oil has become ...

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Garlic Infused Olive Oil without Any Risk to Your Health

garlic infused olive oil

Garlic infused olive oil is well-known and widely-applied for cooking. Garlic and olive oil go together like bread and butter or peanut butter and jelly.  This pair gives our body so much health and is known for such a long time that nobody has doubts of their benefits ...

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