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Our carefully verified advice and tips on using natural oils of all kinds to improve your health and wellness.

Argan Oil for Acne: How to Choose and Use

argan oil acne

Argan oil for acne treatment might be a great choice for those who suffer from mild forms of this skin condition. It is a perfect remedy which will not only cure your acne and scars after it, but also improve your overall complexion. Derived from the kernels ...

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Grapeseed Oil and Skincare: 5 Easy ALL NATURAL Recipes

grapeseed oil skincare

  Grapeseed oil is a very popular ingredient in many recipes for homemade skin remedies. Due to its versatility, excellent emollient and diluting properties grapeseed oil can help solve various skin problems. In spite of prejudges against using oils for acne-prone and oily skin, grapeseed oil actually ...

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Olive Oil for Dogs: What Are the Benefits?

olive oil for dogs

  Using olive oil for dogs is beneficial for the general health, digestive system and coat of your pet.  Olive oil is widely used by people for health and personal care purposes and can be a valuable food supplement for your dog as well. It should be ...

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Natural Oral Care: Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy Teeth

Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy

  The health of our teeth and gums is incredibly important for the whole body well-being. It directly affects our digestive system, as the quality of the food that gets in the stomach depends on how well it has been chewed and crushed by our teeth. Well-chewed ...

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Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Psoriasis: 3 Easy Treatment Recipes

tea tree oil for lice

  According to the American Academy of Dermatology scalp psoriasis is a skin disorder considered as a source of strong irritation. Scalp psoriasis makes the affected scalp area tight, sore and even bloody.  Scalp psoriasis is caused by the disorders of the immune system when it is ...

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