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Quit commercial products loaded with dangerous chemicals today! Please use our advice and tips on incorporating natural oils of all kinds into your daily healthy natural living!

Tea Tree Oil for Athlete’s Foot Treatment and Healthy Feet

tea tree oil for cold sores

Tea tree oil for athlete’s foot treatment has been found efficient. Tea tree oil is essential oil derived from leaves of the Australian plant tea tree. This oil possesses a lot of healing benefits. According to Wikipedia  it is antiseptic and antifungal as well as antibacterial and ...

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Tea Tree Oil for Psoriasis: New Remedy with Excellent Results

tea tree oil for rosacea

Tea tree oil for psoriasis is a good addition to conventional treatment.  Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder. During the disease skin cells begin rapid multiplication, cause new skin overproduction and formation of thick itchy scales. Tea tree oil is used to ease symptoms of psoriasis. Consult ...

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Canola Oil vs Olive Oil: Find the Healthiest Oil

canola oil vs olive oil

Let’s compare canola oil vs olive oil. Canola oil and olive oil are considered health beneficial for cooking, salad dressing and baking. Moreover, their fat profiles are similar and some people even call canola oil a cheaper variety of olive oil. However, these oils are different.  

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Canola Oil: GMO Concerns about It

canola oil gmo

The topic of canola oil and GMO is one of the widely-discussed. Canola oil is comparatively new oil, but it is already one of the most widespread. There are dozens of canola oil uses. However, more and more people worry about the fact that it is made ...

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3 Ways to Apply Tea Tree Oil for Eczema

tea tree oil for eczema

Eczema as Wikipedia notes is a persistent skin condition, which symptoms include skin rashes and dryness. Rashes caused by the eczema exhibit crusting, itching, cracking, blistering, flaking or oozing. Natural remedies such as tea tree oil for eczema usually show good results. Doctors often prescribe corticosteroids, but ...

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How Can Tea Tree Oil Help for Herpes?

tea tree oil for sinus infection

According to Wikipedia Herpes simplex is a viral disease present in different forms. There is no cure for herpes. Those who apply tea tree oil for herpes admit that it helps cure the sores caused by this condition and may help reduce the severity or frequency of ...

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Tea Tree Oil for Ringworm: Natural Remedy No1

tea tree oil for scabies

The use of tea tree oil for ringworm is a natural way to get rid of skin fungus. Ringworm according to Wikipedia is a skin fungus occurring anywhere on the body. It causes ring-shaped red rashes. There are several types of ringworm, for example, scalp ringworm and jock ...

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Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Cold Sores

tea tree oil for cold sores

Some people use tea tree oil for cold sores. Cold sores are considered among the wide-spread mouth disorders. They are characterized by small blisters developing around the mouth. They may appear on the cheeks, chin and nose. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus type ...

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