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Sunflower Seed Oil: All about How to Buy Sunflower Oil

sunflower seed oil

Sunflower seed oil is sold everywhere as it can be widely used for home cooking. What is high-quality oil? What sunflower seed oil manufacturers are more reliable?

General information

Compressed refined sunflower seed oil gets a light taste, a mild pleasant flavor and a pale yellow color (refined). According to Wikipedia, it is rich in Vitamin E – a strong antioxidant, Vitamins A and D. The oil also contains significant quantities of lecithin, sterols, methyl ketones, terpene, waxes, squalene and other aliphatic hydrocarbons.

The fat formula of sunflower seed oil is the combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats with the small amount of saturated fats. It refers to the oleic-linoleic group of oils. The British Pharmacopoeia published the following profile (2005):

As National Sunflower Association states, sunflower oil manufacturers have three types of sunflower oil for sale depending on their oleic levels:

  • high linoleic;
  • high oleic (no less than 82% oleic acid);
  • mid oleic or NuSun (no less than 69% oleic acid).

Each type of sunflower seed oil has its unique properties. In general, the oil is used as frying oil (has a high smoke point) and as an emollient in cosmetology. Applied onto skin sunflower seed oil forms an additional layer for preventing moisture loss and conditioning. So it is highly recommended for dry, damaged and aging skin. The health benefits of the oil include its supporting central nervous system, eye and platelets, lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, strengthening the immune system.

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Sunflower seed oil production

On the modern world market there is a variety of sunflower oil suppliers and manufactures. according to SoyaTech: Growing Opportunities and National Sunflower Association, the U.S. has the best quality of sunflower products. After the latest renovations of domestic plants, American processing technology surpasses other sunflower oil manufacturers in quality control and volume capacity. Specific consumer demands are also met, such as flavoring and roasting of the product, refining and packaging of the oil. A national listing of sunflower oil suppliers and manufacturers offers National Sunflower Association. The major companies are considered the following:

  • Archer Daniels Midland;
  • Cargill Oilseed Processing;
  • Colorado Mills, LLC;
  • CHS Inc.;
  • Dahlgren and Company Inc.;
  • Hi-Pro Sunflowers;
  • High Plains Oil Seed, LTD;
  • Humko Oil Products;
  • Red River Commodities Inc.;
  • SunOpta Sunflower

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Sunflower oil for sale

There are numerous places where it is possible to buy sunflower oil. It can be obtained at any supermarket and local health food or grocery stores. Sunflower oil is also available for sale online, e.g. on amazon.com, alibaba.com, bulkoil.com, bigbusket.com, soapgoods.com. Online they often offer to buy sunflower oil in bulk what seems a more profitable and convenient option.

Sunflower oil price depends much on its brand. The more popular and trusted the brand is the higher the oil price is. For example, premium cold-pressed crude sunflower oil of Flora is for at least $21.93 per 17 oz bottle. The same price level has organic sunflower oil of La Tourangelle – $20.92 for 16.9 ounce tin. Pure sunflower oil of Life-Pro is for $ $13.59 for 16 oz. There are also even cheaper options, but their quality is also cannot be that guaranteed.